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I liked the theatre version of Blade Runner, but loved and bought the director's cut which I watch a couple times per year. It is a futuristic bittersweet tale and the ending of the director's cut is much better and more realistic than the theatre version. That piece of origami at the end was quite poignant.
The book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick, was the basis for the movie 'Blade Runner'.

(I have added this post because this new old movie thread didn't show up without it.)
It's been so long since I saw that movie (heck, it's been fifteen years since I saw the directors cut) I remember it as a blur (but then I'd been up about thirty hours when I did see it.) Great classic flick though, adapted from what I believe is pretty much the first ever cyberpunk story. And the best part is, Harrison Ford is a MUCH better actor than Keanu, plus Ridley Scott actually gave credit where due for the story. A far cry from the Wachowski brothers stealing an authors story and then making a big deal out of "what is the Matrix?" when anyone familiar with cyberpunk already knew well what the Matrix is (and, in the movies case, is not.) Now I just wanna see a Sprawl Trilogy set of movies, especially since the guys that did Johnny Mnemonic couldn't talk William Gibson out of the rights to Molly.