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I have just watched this film. It's black and white, of course. The one with William Holden in it, though I don't think there are any other versions of Sunset Boulevard. I must say how it creeped me out. The house does indeed look like the house from Great Expectations, and Norma Desmond looks like a living spectre! It's something about her eyes, the way they widen crazily. And the butler is so stiff and mechanical it's sometimes hard to believe he's a human being.

The whole thing was quite menacing, though, and I couldn't sleep after I watched it in the dark, too. Strangely enough, my friend, who was watching with me, didn't seem frightened by it at all. How could she not be?
I've seen it once and didn't like it very much. I've seen the stairway scene a couple hundred times or so it seems; the scene where she comes down the stairs to be arrested while she is talking to the absent Mr. DeMille, her old director who wasn't in the building, which tells the audience that she's flipped her lid.
I think she was pretty cuckoo throughout the movie...
There Is something rather macabre about it. I have not viewed it for a while, but I still feel chilled and nervous just thinking about it.
Do you think it was the script or the actors themselves, was there something in them at the time that was not all that well and came forth? If not it was a brilliant bit of directing I guess.
Here Cloveress, a belated hug, such a sweet being as you should not be allowed to be frightened. You are a rare species, our resident sunbeam.
Resident? Not a few of our truly "resident" members woulkd undoubtedly snort at that comment. I have been absent for long spells of time now. And for that I am rather abashed. Ah, I feel much better now after your hug. Sunset Boulevard is a creepy movie. There is some strnage quality about that house, you know? It is so quiet, so dead, and the woman living in it is like a haunting ghost... Yet I liked it. It made me feel at least one emotion particularly strongly. That is so much better than the many other films I've watched that don;t make me feel anything at all.