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Ar-Edain posted under the Party Tree Sunday 3rd February 2008 (10:37pm)
What if human beings were born with expiration dates marked somewhere on their bodies? That would make birthdays much more interesting, not to mention meaningful. Imagine the effects that it would have on healthcare and social security!

Grondmaster Posted Sunday 3rd February 2008 (10:53pm)
Have you seen Logan's Run, a 1976 movie starring Michael York? The above was the basis for that movie.
And added a link to this thread for the continuation of this 'human expiration date' topic.
The red lights on my palms told me long ago that I had reached 30 years of age.
I had no idea that a movie involving that concept had ever been made; I want to see it now. Do you know if it is based on a book? With a few exceptions, movies based on books strike a a very dissonant, and not artistically so, chord with me.

My ideas are always stolen -insert opposite of retroactively.-

Please feel free to correct any errors in my grammar from now on, and this applies to old posts as well.

I remember seeing the series , probably reruns or something, well I saw about five or six and they absolutely terrorized me.It was not just the fact that no one was allowed to get past a ridiculously young age, but the coldness, the hostile environment. And they skated and skated and skated and you felt trapped because they went no where  That terrible moment when it was time for Logan to allow extermination and he just kept skating in that underground world where only artificial light was there, and where no one had ever seen the out of doors or listened to the singing of the birds, or breathed deeply of the fresh air. The very ending was such a relief I nearly broke down. Shiver. Don't know if I could watch it again , it just wrung me right out.

I remember seeing the movie Logan's Run at the drive in (showing my age probably In about 1979 ish.... I've heard rumours of a remake.... Another great Sci Fi from around this time with a similar theme is Soilent Green.

I'm not sure how relevant it is, but there is a theory that all Mammals have a finite number of heartbeats of a similar number no matter what their size (baring from humans, which differ in their improved life styles, living standards and health-care etc.). A mouse, whose heart beats much faster than an elephants (for example) lives for far less time than an elephant, but due to their difference in heart-rate, both have a remarkably similar number of heartbeats in their life-times.

Obviously this doesn't take into account things like cars crashing into you, or sudden trips off of high buildings, but generally speaking it is... well quite frankly remarkable how close the heart-beats are in different mammals (excluding humans). I don't personally have any statistics*, and would rather not bore you all with them anyway, but tis just food for thought Smile Smilie

(*Heads up: If you are interested, the statistics should be out there- just search for "Finite heart-beats" or something similar)

Yes Dorian I have read of this, and there is a small mouse type of mamal which has the fastest heart beat rythym and the shortest life span of all mammals. Perhaps The Elves being not of this Earth run to a different rythym. The secret fire which burns at the heart of all of the 1st born children of Eru works differently to all other Mortal beings. We call them immortal, but are they? Only the Blessed Valar truly know.

I didn't watch the film but as I read this thread. Oh Lord, this would be terrible if we all knew when our last day will be! There are many ways of enjoying life, not thinking about: oh, what if tomorrow I am dead? This would be a chaos!!! But you can think, what if I have the chance now and I take it? I am not sure if I did understand well this threat but it is about a film that would show us that there is a deadline for us all?

Recently a neighbour of mine died and she lived together with her husband and they were arguing daily. But when she died he was so sad... people think that he was hypocritical but I think he was sincere. In that moment he realized about all the beautiful things he could have said to her, all the meaningless details he could offered but he never did and now there is not more time. She is gone. Death is something we will face someday, that is nothing new but the truth is that death is not sad. The saddest part of it is all that is left to be said, to be done, to be seen, etc. So my suggestion is to do good for you and for the others. Life happens once and are you going to spend it by hurting, hating or thinking about tomorrow?

Dear Elbereth, your words made me cry, how sensitive you are. I have a slightly different take upon your neighbor and his wife. I long ago quit measuring happiness by the absence of quarreling or even hitting now and then The human heart is rather treacherous thing and can behave shamefully if not kept under control. Many people that seem to be not able to stand one another actually do very deeply; it is lack of proper communication , wide difference in perception and unkind things said to one another out of pain or fear or anguish of the mind that causes otherwise loving people to treat one another with disrespect. But underneath all of it it has been my experience that these people actually have a deep love or attachment to the other. And some people are actually not happy or comfortable when not arguing. Except for actual abuse, many like to squabble now and then because it brings a new dynamic to the relationship, some excitement and clears the air. I have seen so many people i worried over and the whole time they were just fine doing their strange behaviour. And many times I have been surprised to see the anger with which thee couples attacked me or others who tried to help. Strange but true.

Yeah Leelee, there is an old Spanish saying that means that you said. The translation would be: when 2 people argue, bigger is the love between them! ¿? But there are other I read somewhere that says: love is the only thing that grows when you share it! I prefer this last one.