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I watched this movie on cable last night, probably my fourth or fifth time and I still enjoyed it. I think it was panned by the reviewers but to me it seems a good adventure quest and I love all the characters.
Has anyone else enjoyed The Fifth Element?
If this is the one with Bruce Willis and the redhead, then yes. I like all Willis movies. Even Hudson Hawk.
Yes, I saw it some years ago. I liked it. Smile Smilie
I like it also. My favorite scene is where Willis "negotiates".

When I first saw this movie I enjoyed it so much I thought I was a retard,as no one else I knew ever liked it.It's wholesome fun and I love the sci-fi,the action and the red-head was adorable.Watched it more than a couple of times I think.

This movie is never going to leave my top ten favourite movies.  Now this has me thinking, my top ten favourite movies...  I'll have to have a think me thinks...  I think this one is 6th.  Brilliant movie, I highly recommend...

I've always liked this movie. I've also read the book which oddly enough is a bit bland.