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I don't know about you others, but I'm a damn huge fan of Hercules, The Legendary Journeys. And here's some info for those, who do not know anything about it. It is an american television serie, and it's first season came out somewhere in '95, and the serie itself ran for a total of six seasons. All of the episodes were filmed in New Zealand and in United States. A very good serie in my opinion. I own first three seasons and have the rest on my computer, since I couldn't find any sellers here in Finland, who have the remaining three seasons (4-6), and I didn't want to order 'em from stores as Amazon or Play. So, big cheers for those who have seen the serie. I still watch some episodes constantly, 'cause they're so brilliant in their own way. A true fan never gives up. Smile Smilie

Oerath we should meet up someday and watch some ^^

which part of finland do you live in? Smile Smilie

Why not, and I live in southern Finland, in a town called 'Kuusankoski', which is part of Kouvola novadays.

Ey! Once more during my life, I find myself re-watching this most glorious and heroic series. And this time, after watching all seasons of Hercules: The Legendary Journey, I'm going to take things even farther by buying all Xena: The Warrior Princess seasons. I've never owned any of those, but I sure have seen most of the episodes of the whole series via television. The investment is gonna require some money, but damn right it's for a good cause. ^^

It's gonna be some journey.

- Otto. Wink Smilie