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I just love this classic animated cartoon set in a yard and then a garden on top of a skyscaper in New York. This animation was done back in a time when somehow, I am not educated in this, but somehow the creators would take live movement and paint over it or whatever and have the cartoon character walk about and move with all the fluidity of a real person, animal, just like real life. It was awesome and the richness of the movies still excites me all these years later after my first viewing it.

I have never seen or heard of the cartoon.  I am guessing by the name Hoppity that the character was a rabbit or a hare? 

Hoppity was a grasshopper Withy. Honestly it is so fascinating. And another movie that used the same strange and wondrous type of technology, amazing for its day(I think both were made in the thirties or forties) is Gulliver's Travellers. Absolutely awesome. Interesting about the main character of Gulliver as well, the 'perfect' voice needed to be found according to the producers so a contest was held and the winner over thousands was a radio announcer. His voice is so rich and amazing and there are some truly hilarious parts in it. How they did that so that the movements are exactly fluid is magic. Here in our small city we have a couple of places that you can look up rather ancient movies and actually order them and actually have them come in a matter of weeks.