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This movie starred Dennis Weaver(driving the car) and a very big truck with an unseen driver. Dennis goes on a long journey and unbeknown to him a truck is stalking him. Really scary when it first aired and still has that impact to send shivers down one's spine. 

Are you saying the vehicle and not the person inside was doing the stalking Withy?t had a mind of its own. That is terrifying. You know that reminds me of something I read once about a simple piece of fluff that someone cleaned from her room. But that evening it was back,and in the same place. I hardly remember what happened after that but it became, oddly enough more and more and more terrifying. It was some childrens book, probably the equivalent to a b or worse movie now. I don't know how or why I read it,l was already into Nancy Drew and the classics not horror, but it freaked me out in my own bedroom for months after. I refused to dust my bedroom, only vacuumed and stuffed a rag in the hose if I felt I had to Smile Smilie

This movie is a classic and throughout the movie you rarely get a glimpse of what is going on inside the large vehicle, some scenes capture the front window screen or side view mirrors which makes the movie all that more appealing in a shivering way, but, we all know that large vehicles do not drive or stalk people by itself... that would be silly thinking. 

Your little story about the dust is quite a hoot never heard of that one before.