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I had never in my life heard of this movie by Hitchcock until I stumbled over it by chance last month. I am not a great fan of this director, I have never loved the macabre nor insane, nor horror. I think that is all that Tolkien would have hated as well, something noble and beautiful has to be against that sort of thing, something hopeful and clean and moral has to be able to shine in the midst of that evil, so for the most part I don't bother. Notorious was a good example of something good. At any rate it , like dial M for murder opens up in an apartment, this time in New York I think , rather than England. Two highly gifted geniuses, young men, are strangling another genius. Then they put him into their book chest and look forward to having a party for the now deceased boy's father and mother and his friends. They have the dinner on top of the chest while putting the books from it on a table in the next room The young men invite a former mentor from their collage and he begins to pick up on the fact something isn't right. The dead boy's father, growing increasingly worried over the son's lateness to attend picks out some books and design of the whole murder actually ties them up with the rope. The atmosphere is so tense and horrible I was of course sorry I was viewing it. But it has some redemption in the fact that right and wrong is debated and the value of a human's life in the light of the fact some are not as bright, some are simple hard working people. And this mentor becomes horrified because he has taught all his classes that it is a man's right to make a perfect murder of an infeerior fellow human. I don't recall issues being debated outright before so this at least has some redeeming qualities. shiver. I shall not attend a dinner party any time soon.