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I am wondering if the extended version of The Return of the King is worth buying.
well, did you like the movies so far? I think there are some extended scenes that are worth seeing, I LOVE the ships of the (arghhh... I don't remember the english word - was it corsairs??? Orc Going Huh Smilie ...oh, doesn't matter, I guess you know what I mean). there's also the scene in which faramir and ’owyn fall in love, and the mouth of sauron. and all the bonus material is very funny, I think. I'm a bit into Merry Dominic Monaghan... Scrolling Eyes Smilie
if you ignore the fact that the story is very different to the book sometimes, the movies are worth seeing, and I think if you liked the former movies, get this one, too. there are already very cheap offers, if you don't want to spend too much money on it.
i think i will get it.i got the cash to spend
Hey , I have all of them, I love watching it Smile Smilie It is so much to see, all the work they did just to make the films.But specially I like to see all that wasnt in The movies.If you buy , ENJOY Happy Elf Smilie
I also like all of them, and you should definetely buy The Return of The King.
However, you have to forgive a few changed scenes (the one that is most difficult to forgive is when Frodo sends Sam away. I don't know why PJ did that...)
oooooooooh i still have to get that!!! I love the extended editions... there always something to look forward to after the movie! hehe
I got to see the extended version of the first and third movies while on vacation in Germany (My first time seeing them). The voices were all different which really got on my nerves (thank goodness for subtitles!) and I did not get to see the bonus materials, but I loved them. Sadly, my mom is of the opinion that since I have already seen the theatrical version, I couldn't possibly want to see another version of the same movie.
Magician skip, I suggest you might want to sacrifice and save up a bunch of coins to buy the Extended Editions for yourself. That way you might even appreciate them even more so. Happy Elf Smilie
I don't think the five dollars worth of pennies I have collected from various parking lots and sidewalks will be enough. I would be more than willing to get a summer job,but I am not yet old enough. (I'll be 14 on the 16th of July). I think I should just try to borrow the DVDs from one of my friends.
The ROTK Extended it great!!! I definately recommend that you get the extended, even if you are thinking of only buying the makes so much more sense then the regular version. When I saw the reg. in theater, I thought, "something's missing." But the when I watched the extended after I bought it, I thought, "now there's nothing missing!" Smile Smilie But, that's just what I think...
I won an auction on eBay for the extended version...and never received it!! This was about 2 months ago. I've since turned the guy in and today I received my money back. Soooo, I will go out and probably get the extended DVD's today...and I can't wait to see them! I'm looking forward to all the extras Smile Smilie Smile Smilie
But the when I watched the extended after I bought it, I thought, "now there's nothing missing!"

Ah, so PJ did include the scenes of the wedding night of Aragorn and Arwen, not to mention the wedding night of Legolas and Gimli ?

Maybe it's worth buying after all then..
Haha. Very funny. No, actually, I meant like, The Houses of Healing, The Voice of Saruman, and the scene with The Mouth of Sauron. (which is one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie Smile Smilie)
There is a page that shows all the new scenes in the extended edition, if you want to do more research -
DVD File .com : The Return of the King Extended Edition Review
Oh! Buy it buy it buy it!!!

It is absoluyley wonderful as it not only has BRAND NEW scenes, but also EXTENDED versions of scenes that were already there...which is great!

And it really cleared up stuff for like, my mom and dad...they understood some of the stuff a lot better.

I CLEVERLY asked for all three of the extended versions for different birthdays and Christmas's. Therefore...those versions are MINE AND MINE ALONE!!! (insert evil laugh here)

But no, it's is definetly worth getting.

Oh and I'm have a dumb moment. Refresh my memory...which was the Mouth of Sauron scene?

Just after The land of Shadow when he show Frodos' shirt of mithrilSmile Smilie
Actually, Aragorn decapitated the Mouth because the Mouth had shown a Manchester Utd shirt.

At least one cannot argue that the once and future King did not have taste!