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Okay, raise your hand if you cracked up when you first saw this in the cinema!
I thought that MacDonalds commercial with the Incredibles in was funnier than anything in the movie.
I thought for little children it was quite funny, you should remember that' this movie is thought for children!!!
Yes! So that means I'm a little kid again. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
The best part of the movie was in the end, when that little kid on the tricycle was sitting in front of the house... (then the house like, blows up, or something like that, but anyway...) The little boy yells,
"That was totally wicked!"
I love that part! My friends and I say that all the time now...
I would have to raise my hand too.
although I didn't see it in the theatre.

But what I want to know did that super-suit designer know that the baby would need a fire proof suit? Or did she just guess right?
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Hmmm... Good question! I don't know...
I didn't see it in the theatre, only saw the trailer there, which was good enough for me to later buy the DVD.

I'll bet the supersuit designer knew the kid's suit would need to be fireproof because the scriptwriter told her so. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Best bit-Mr Incredible saying something like "we celebrate mediocrity and ignore the truly exceptional".
He's right!
I watched it again Saturday night and it still cracks me up. Elk Grinning Smilie
Its a damn good movie that can make you laugh even after you've seen it more than 8 times. And that doesn't count the 6 times I went to the cinema to see it.
Hmm i havent seen it. But now i think i should somehow...
Of course you should! I sat in the cinema a few months ago with my little cousin beside me holding my hand and hanging on to every word they said in the movie... It was so cute!!! The last bit with the race was funny.
I thought for little children it was quite funny, you should remember that' this movie is thought for children!!!

But it isn’t, really. I mean, it is written as something that little kids will enjoy and can watch (not too scary or inappropriate), but just like all Pixar movies, it has many elements a more adult audience can enjoy. A young kid isn’t going to catch the allusions to popular culture that are scattered through the move, including the powers o f the superheroes themselves- for instance, Mrs. Incredible and daughter both have the same powers as members of the Fantastic Four, and I believe the Fantastic Four fight a villain that looks very similar to the ’Underminer’ (end of movie) in an early issue. The lines about ’celebrating the mediocre’ and ’saying everyone is special is the same is saying no one is’ are also things little kids aren’t necessarily going to fully understand. My friend thought it was going to be a little kid movie because it was animated, and only went to the movie because he didn’t get to hang out with another friend and I very often, and we had invited him to come with us. He ended up loving it!
I agree, the Incredibles is a family movie, which means that it's for the whole family. Kids enjoy the action. Parents enjoy the humor. I loved the character of the costume designer for the supers, Edna Motts (sp). She was perfect. Some of the best laughs are while she is showing the new costumes to Mrs. Incredible.
I have yet to view the movie, but I did see a trailer of when the guy is called for help only he is too er full now to fit his belt. I laughed so hard. So I'll give it a try. ........for the kids....Smile Smilie
This old kid saw it in the theatre and then bought the DVD which I've watched two or three times. It is very good and I could relate to all the characters now that I have lost all my super-abilities.
It is very good and I could relate to all the characters now that I have lost all my super-abilities.
Oh you are indeed funny Grondy ,sound like you and Rafael are two of a kind when it comes to Super-abilities and "powers " Rafaels once dressed up like Superman and I "think " he believe that he had his abilities Big Laugh Smilie
I really liked The Incredibles!!!

I have to say though...the first time I saw a preview for didn't really excite me. But, I still knew it'd be good. I IS Pixar!

I thought the Edna character was HILARIOUS!!! I thought she just made the baby's suit everything because she didn't know what its superpower was.
I watched it again Monday night and it is still full of laughs. Big Laugh Smilie

RE: Edna knowing the baby's suit would need to be fireproof. I think she made all four suits fireproof. Can you think of anything worse than a superhero who's suit is in flames while he/she/it is in the process rescuing victims from a conflagration? Jumping Flame Smilie