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Does anyone think as I do, that National Treasure was a brilliant production? I mean, it was really exciting, it was mysterious, and it kept you thinking the entire way through the movie. Plus, it had the good ending: the good guy wins, and the bad guys get caught... I love it!
I have yet to see it.
i just watched it 4 the 4th time last knight. now me and my friend can quote almost all of the movie!
and it is a very good movie with a interesting plot! i would reccomend it to everyone!
I found it very entertaining.
I have yet to see it.

Go and rent the DVD at once! You'll be glad you did...
One beef I have with the movie:

It was a very tense movie; it had a good plot, but it was too fast pace. It didn't have any time for the veiwer to relax and reflect. I did enjoy all the plot twists but some were redundent and repetative. When the were down the shaft and throught the room with the lamp. and In the guard room they just almost gave up. Even though it made no sense. I would write more but it has been a few weeks since my last veiwing.

That is just my take on the movie.
It's only my personal oppinion, and I don't mean to offend, but I love the past pace affect the movie has... Smile Smilie
I have to agree with lot of you , I think Its great !! love those type of films Smile Smilie and I also like Mr Cage apperans in the film
I think it's a LOT like the Da Vinci Code. But it was good, awfully good. I've watched it in the middle of the night with two of my friends and I also enjoyed it very much.
I now have the DVD and watched it once, maybe I'll watch it again tonight and have something more to say about it. It was entertaining, but not quite up to the calibre of Indiana Jones and the..., if you know what I mean.
I was rather disappointed that Mr Cage didn't meet his ultimate nemesis in the movie : Auric Goldfinger Jr.

Guess that's gonna happen in a sequel, eh?
I really enjoyed ’National Treasure’. It was funny, interesting, and suspenseful. I can’t compare it to Indiana Jones, but I can compare it to a similar movie that came out recently- Sahara. The basic concept of Sahara is pretty much the same- a history/archaeology type person is obsessed with finding something he is sure exists but no one else believes in- in this case, a Civil War battleship somewhere over in Africa or the Middle East. However, I thought National Treasure was much better. Part of that was probably because I saw it first, I’ll admit. But the camera focusing on ominous, black-clad figures every time the protagonists went anywhere (in Sahara) also contributed, as did the unnecessary violence and lower amount of humor. I felt like Sahara was about this character being tough and masculine and heroic, while National Treasure was about the characters being intelligent enough to figure out where the next clue was, and the suspense of who would get there first.
Sorry if this sounds a little too much like an analysis for a class’
i went to see it at the cinema, it was good but once you see it u know what going to happen next which can be good in some instances. Mr Cage did a fine job, i prefer Indiana Jones though!!!!