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Has anybody seen and loved I Robot? I saw it and loved it.

I love most futuristic movies. The mass transit system in I Robot was awesome. I also loved the architecture.

I wasn't too sure of the ending though. If you have a clear interpretation, please share. Or just tell us what you loved or hated about the movie.
Susan Calvin, about the only part of the original story that remained intact. When I was a kid I had a fiction crush on Susan Calvin. And Nancy Drew. I was a weird kid.
When I was a kid I had a fiction crush on Susan Calvin. And Nancy Drew. I was a weird kid.

I'm going to write that down, so it might be used against thee later !

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I haven't seen I Robot yet, but I really want to! It seems really exciting. Plus, I absolutely love Will Smith! Big Smile Smilie
i saw it and loved it cuz i love Will Smith. He is so cool.
i still have not bought I Robot yet but i want to.
I have seen it twice, once in the theatre and once on cable. I was confused about the ending in the theatre, for I thought it was Will Smith standing on the hill, but after seeing it again on TV where I could reduce the volume, I now know it was the humane android Sunny(?) who would lead all the innocent discarded robots to the Promised Land; now that the human race no longer trusted them and wouldn't have them in their homes or daily lives. Of course I may be wrong, but I do not believe Sonny grows up to be the robot hero of all the Foundation, Empire, and beyond series.
What is:

the Foundation, Empire, and beyond series.


And how come I can't see my avatar? Can you?
Actually, Grondy, that would be R. Daneel Olivaw, with a fair amount of help from R. Giskard Reventlov. It's very disturbing that I remember that, as long as it's been, though I did have to Google for the latter. Daneel, however, is unforgetable (or so I thought.)

Now how did I know who posted the response to my last post BEFORE I scrolled up...?

Edit: I forgot, the Foundation et al. series is actually the only series Asimov ever wrote because, through the convenient agency of the robots, most notably Daneel, he manages to seamlessly weave every book he ever wrote into one series. And at least one short story. So The Caves of Steel and The Naked Sun are really, along with the other Robot novels/shorts just prequels to Foundation. I gather you're not familiar with Foundation, Caudimordax, and I highly recommend it since a) the very premise is fascinating (I still think future history is workable, though maybe not to the degree of precision acheived by Hari Seldon, but then even he ruled out precision) and b) again, Asimov, by his own admission, only wrote one series. Personally, I thought the last books, the wrap ups, felt like exactly that, and seemed a little force, but the original trilogy is an SF classic.