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I thought Napoleon Dynamite was hilarious, but that's because I have a liking for stupid humor. I can quote almost the entire movie... Did any one else think it was funny?
I LOVE that movie! It was so stupid yet so funny! I would watch it over and over and over again. Although my entire family hates that movie.

PS: I bought you a delecious bass!

I like this movie alot, my dad's never seen it, but he will......*whispers* He will.....Muahahahahahahahahahahahah........

Tina you fat lard, come eat yer dinner!

The one time I saw it I hated it. I was in the mood for something with a Plot. I think if I was in the mood for a stupid comedy I would have liked it. But after seeing it the first time, I felt guitly for wasting that hour and a half. I like Plots.
Tina you fat lard, come eat yer dinner!

Yes Tina, hurry, before Ike gives you a spanking...
Ha Ha! My family hates it too, but my friends and I all love it! I recommend it to people who like movies involving cheesy stupidity. Big Smile Smilie
I love this movie, and I thought it was hilarious when Napoleon was hurling meat at a llama...that's one of my favorite lines, well, besides the one about the liger, oh, and about the chickens and their large talons. Hahahahahaha! Man, that movie reminds me of my brother-in-law, a complete sci-fi junkie who is socially inept. Heck yes!

You totally have to be in a "mood" to watch this movie... After about the 4th time, I start to wonder why I ever wanted to see this movie in the first place... The thing that really annoys me though is the fact that some people start to talk like Napoleon! A guy at work sounds just like him and it's so incredibly degrading to character.
I love this movie, my entire family loves this movie, and it
does have a plot. We critically analyzed this movie in my
cinematography class in school. I love it, despite the fact that
I think I lost part of my IQ when I watched it.
ooo i liked that was almost random enough for me to really like it.
Hitchikers guide remains in first.
cheesy, plotless comedy? i thought it was genius.