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I just rented the Earthsea miniseries on DVD, which was done originally by Hallmark for the SciFi Channel. I thought it quite good, though it needed some editing around our kids. Sean Ashmore works as fact, the cast is very well done, as are the costumes, cinematography, music, etc. I had seen the books by Ursula K. LeGuin since the 1970's but never read them. Does anyone know if this movie followed the book or not? It was a very good story and we all enjoyed ourselves watching Ged and Vetch.
I only read the books and like those a lot... haven't seen the miniseries.
I have the DVD and the books. As I remember, the DVD combines the stories of the first two books so you get the character development concurrently rather than sequentially. Other than that I thought the DVD followed the books quite closely and I was very satisfied with the result. I have only read the books twice, the original trilogy in the 1970s and the full quintet a couple years ago when Ifound the last two books had been written.