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Is this the worst film *EVER*?

Bought the DVD thinking 'must give it a try as I love the books...It can't be too bad.... .' Oh what a mistake!

I have tried to watch it twice. The first time I got as far as the Heart of Gold and Zaphod & friends. The second time I got as far as landing on the planet Vogorth(?) Was this film really based on those wonderful books/radio play? It is more like a travesty of the original.

For those who have watched it and not read the books - READ THE BOOKS! They are brilliant.
For those who have read the books but not seen the film - DON'T BOTHER!

Bought the DVD thinking 'must give it a try as I love the books...It can't be too bad.... .' Oh what a mistake!

Haven't you already been fooled enough by PJ's LOTR movies?!

[Nelson Muntz] Hah hah [/Nelson Muntz]
One lives in hope.

Anyway, compared to HHGTTG, LOTR was brilliant.
I thought the movie was good clean fun and as Douglas Adams had a hand in writing the screen play before he died, I won't put the movie down for being other than canon. As far as HHGTTG goes there is no true canon.

In case you choose to argue, remember that the first books were written subsequent to the airing of the BBC's HHGTTG radio series. And that the books had many deviations from that broadcast radio script. Even the TV series had deviations; though those deviations weren't nearly as wholesale as those in the movie. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I have the radio play on cd and the tv series on vid and the books on paper and although there are, as you say, deviations between the 3 they do at least follow the same plot and story line. It seems to me that the storyline for the film was completely rewritten. I know DA had a hand in writing it but I calm myself by insisting that the other writers must have changed it after he died. If not, then DA should (if he were still alive) be horsewhipped for allowing and even contributing to such a bastardisation of his work.

The only good thing I found in the film (and even that was different) was the way they did the two heads of Zaphod. And then they went and cut one off.....???????

Anyone want to buy a slightly used copy of HHGTTG?

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