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Finally! I had been looking for the made for TV version of Neil Gaiman's book, Neverwhere for years since I first saw it on PBS many years back. I loved it and bought the book of which I have two copies. Anyway, all I could come up with was the PAL VHS which my VCR couldn't handle. Today I finally found the DVD on which they have had since 2003 under the title of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. I don't know why that never came up in my searches; maybe because I was looking for VHS not having a DVD player until much later than that.

Anyway, I love Neil Gaiman's work; he is my favorite current author/screenwriter having replaced both the late Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett.
So, has anyone else seen this miniseries which takes place mostly in the timeless underworld of London. In it a young man befriends a wounded girl he literally finds in the gutter, causing him to become a non-person, losing his fiance, his apartment, and his high paying job. His ultimate quest is to try to gain all these back.

I will again get to watch it, as soon as the post-person delivers it at my door. Wiggle Smilie
I watched it again and am still in love with the story.
Haven't seen it - love the book though! I went to hear Neil Gaiman talk as part of readers/writers week here about a month ago, it was god stuff!