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Saturday night, I again watched Monty Python and the Meaning of Life

I think it, MP's the Life of Brian, and MP and the Holy Grail are some of the funniest pictures ever made; though maybe are younger members are not yet ready for some of its subject matter. Still I did see the proverbial stork delivering a baby via a chimney pot in it. And the Crimson Assurance Companies' piratical practices are a hoot!
I've got the Monty Python movie collection - DVD specials of MP&HG, LOB, MoL and their first film, And now for something completely different, really just a compilation of Best of MP.
Did you know that in MoL one of the angels/dancers in the last scene 'Christmas in Heaven' featured Jane Leeves, later to become Daphne in Frasier.
I think I may have seen And now for something completely different on one of my local PBS TV stations. Did it have funny sayings interspersed among the ever going on credits?
I think so, haven't seen it for a while - must dig it out.
The Independent Film Channel (IFC) has currently been running a Monty Python marathon; and last night I saw Douglas Adams' name under the writers' credits of their live performance in the Hollywood Bowl, filmed back in something like 1982. I knew he wrote a few Dr. Who scripts as well as his five volume H2G2 trilogy, but I didn't know he worked on Monty Python too.
Apparently he did, he even had some small roles in Flying Circus sketches. Did you see the H2G2 film. My favourite scene is where Deep Thought comes up with the answer 42 and the aliens aren't happy.
I have the original BBC TV series of H2G2 on VHS and the recent Hollywood film on DVD, both were funny; especially the recent movie's mouth-swatter traps on the Vogons' home planet, that hit anyone who said a certain word, which I have now forgotten.