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Thread: The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Does anyone else here love this movie as much as me?
The Nightmare Before Christmas is favorite movie of all time!
I do! I LOVE The Nightmare Before Christmas! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Yes! Finally someone who has good taste in movies! Are you like me, who watches a different movie almost every night?
My kids had it, so I got fed up of it always being on, but it is a great film. Possibly the only musical that I don't hate.
Hehehe, kids really know how to kill a movie. So does boy-friends... when they put on "the Wall" too often and play the CDs too much... But that's a different story. Smile Smilie
You've made me curious about that story, Amarie Very Big Grin Smilie

Jack Skelington(sp?) is one the coolest characters ever!

heeeey!!! I love that movie soooo much! I once saw a trailer and thought: get that movie! but I never found it anywhere until last winter when I came across it while shopping with friends. I immediately bought it and watched it the same evening and borrowed it to a friend the next day who equally likes it now... it's really a great movie. now I want to watch it again... but tim burton in general is a great man. all of his movies I've seen up to now I enjoyed very much.
THIS MOVIE WAS OFF THE HAZy... tim berton is pure geniouse. it was soo good.. the story line was diff. it was funni and original. i liked this better than corpse bride