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Has anyone had a chance to see the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie? I recently saw it and thought it was well done. I even like the ending better than the original movie. Any thoughts?
See Charlie and Chocolate Factory for comments on that movie. Feel free to comment on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the original movie here, but please post your comparisons in the other thread. Thanks.
Gee, and i thought Willy Wonka was an orca..
I really like the old Willy Wonka, but I like the new movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, better. It had a better background story line.
Y'know I was never too keen on the old movie and kinda blamed it on the fact that it was too bright and psycadelic...but the new movies just as bright. Ugh, I think I'm running out of excuses. I definatly think the storyline was better than the origional though.
Dose the new one have a diffrent ending? Man, im behind on the latest movies...
I love the movie. I thought it was amazing, but others think that it was sort of boring. in the beginning maybe, but after Willy's enterance it got better. the flashbacks were a bonis. they weren't in the books but it was still good. it was funny how the dentist had bad teeth. One thing i didn't understand was who took off his braces after he ran away?? Johnny Depp played the part amazingly. Can't wait for POTC 2 and 3!