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I was just wondering why hasn't a thread been created yet about one of the greatest movies of all times (and with this I'm referring to the old trilogy ie IV, V and VI). I first saw A new Hope in 1997 and have been hooked to the movies and its characters (especially Darth Vader) ever since. And when the movies I, II and III were launched, I ate my heart out. I felt that rather than explaining the story of the old trilogy (which is what was claimed), the new trilogy was more of an attemp at making money and showing off the skills of the Lucas Film's at technical and graphical wizardry.

Anyways, feel free to jump right in and create a healthy discussion. May the force be with you!
I LOVE Star Wars!!!! In Love Smilie
But this refers mostly to the IV,V and VI episodes as they were realy good as a scifi movie for that time and moreover - their idea was strong and that's why these films haven't lost their charm till nowadays.
As speaking of the last three episodes I can only say they were great in two things: quality - the visual effects and all the features were super,I got much pleasure of watching all the 3 on the big screen; and the other great point was that they reminded us of all we knew so well and made us say "Aha! It has been that way!" and of course that very music again!! But as for their life, I beleive it will be shorter and the "Star Wars" will stay mostly as the first trilogy.
I agree Aragorn. The latest movies were terrible! Lucas should have hired a screenwriter as he did in the earlier movies. He has a knack for making good actors bad. I almost cried when I saw the latest movies. I kept hoping they'd get better, but alas, it never happened. He should have left well enough alone. Very Sad Smilie
He should have left well enough alone.

True, Eruwen. I don't feel that we needed any explanation for the old movies and how everything happened. I never wanted to know how it all began. I just care how it ended. And anyways, no movie can be called Star Wars if Darth Vader is not in it.
I actually really enjoyed Revenge Of The Sith...
I know this is going to create a stir with the true Star Wars fans, just like saying the LotR films are better than the books, but personally I prefer the three later films. Okay I'm a sucker for eye candy, and being made twenty years after the originals the new films have a great advantage in that department. But it's not just the eye candy.... I think the later films are acted better too.

I'm not a big fan of Phantom Menace, mainly because of Jar Jar Binks. If there is one thing that bugs me about Lucas, it's that stupid slap-stick element he insists on putting in his films. Doesn't anyone else get tired of seeing 3CP0's head stuck on back to front, or attached to a bad guy? It's a joke that probably raised a laugh in one film, but did not need to be relentlessly carried on as a theme in the others.

That is what I liked most about Revenge of the Sith.... he had made the film darker, and left out that slap-stick, cheap laugh humour. I'm not a huge fan of the series, but Revenge of the Sith I really do like. Lots of action, lots of eye candy, lots of turmoil, some great acting.... and it finally answered the question of how he was going to complete the circle to arrive back at the start. To me, that one film stands out so far from the crowd.

I'll stand back now and be bombarded by rotten apples from the true fans.
i thought that the revenge of the sith was the best of the latest films i was a little dissapointed with episode one and two. the revenge of the sith just tied in what you didnt understand with how Anakin goes bad it just helped make sense!
I'm not a huge fan of the series, but Revenge of the Sith I really do like. Lots of action, lots of eye candy, lots of turmoil, some great acting....

I do agree there was a lot more action and the "eye candy" and the "turmoil" (or whatever you meant by it) but the acting department really sucked (which is usual). Hayden is a really disappointing choice to play Anakin. I also thought the romance between Anakin and Padme was overdone but then I never liked mushy stuff anyways.

I'll stand back now and be bombarded by rotten apples from the true fans.

Well, sadly, I'm out of rotten apples. But will pies suffice?
Throw as many pies my way as you like. I'm not one to turn down free hand-outs.
Cool! Food fight! Don't worry, Val, I'll help you eat your way out of this one! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Actually, the graphics in the Phatom Menace and Attack Of The Clones really sucked! I felt like I was watching some Star Wars Third Person Shooter computer game! Just have a look at the battle scenes at the end of Attack Of The Clones! Especially one shot where they shoot down the big spherical star ship on Yoda's orders. The scene in which sand and all that rises up makes me think that Half Life 2's graphics were simply out of this world! Also, when the camera zooms in on the Troopers in the tower, I feel like I'm watching a game based on the Unreal Tournament 2004 graphics engine! Absolutely horrific from a movie standards! Oh and not to mention, Yoda, in Phantom Menace, looks horrible!

The old trilogy rocks! No doubt about that! But I think Revenge Of The Sith is absolutely fabulous! Right up there with the oldies!
I wish when I was your age I could have compared games graphics to what was going on in films. I was just talking to my wife this morning about how graphics have come on since the days of two paddles knocking a ball about on the screen. Now we have graphics that are on par with movie special effects... and still we're not satisfied. The cure is to go back and watch a 1950's western and see how crud things were back then.

Actually Val, I think the original trilogy's graphics are quite good and believable..
I wonder if any of your Star Wars fans will like this..

P.S. This is allowed right? If this is advertising or something or if it violates PT rules, feel free to delete the post. Just tell me the reason :-)

While I don't hate the new trilogy, I was disappointed in it mainly because of how Lucas explained the origin of one of the greatest villains in movie history, Darth Vader. It just seemed so hokey. And of course, this could be because Hayden Christiansen (sp?) was so wooden that he would've made anything look bad. To me, they should've condensed episodes 1 and 2 and made Anakin's fall from grace into two movies. His whole "I think the Jedi are evil" attitude just seemed so forced to me.

Regarding Star Wars in general, is it wrong to not think of it as science fiction? I consider it more of a fantasy story where the setting is in outer space instead of a place like MIddle Earth. Star Wars, to me, is more similar to the Lord of the Rings than it is to Star Trek.

Not a fan of space so.. i didn't really enjoy those movies >:/

Now, when you say space, do you mean sci-fi? Or actual space, i.e. universe?

Both i guess(: When i think of  the universe i think of black holes and infinite space and it creeps me out(X And as far as sci-fi iv'e never really found any movies in the genre that i really dug /: 

That's unfortunate, because the emptiness of space is one of the most beautiful things in our universe. It serves to remind us that we are not the center of it all and that, truly, anything is possible. And the life cycle of a star? Just fascinating...

But hey, to each their own...

Riverdraven, have you read Dune by F. Herbert [although I realize you said movies above]?

I don't usually read Science Fiction, but I enjoyed Dune.

Yes Dune is a great novel Galin.  The 80's film is great also (for its time).  They are currently re making it and I imagine the new version will be quiet different from the book.

Re StarWars, I am a fan of the first 2 (original) however I have to agree with some of the comment above that the new Episodes were rather over blown and busy. The acting lact conviction, probably due to the bad scripts.  Just like the Indiana Jones Crystal Skull movie, I think that George Lucas has lost the fine art of Script versus Story.  Shame really, however it will be interesting as to where JJ Abrahms takes us in the sequels...

Hopefully they don't cast the young actors/actress that we in a lot of today's movies. They should use less well known ones. It worked for the original trilogy and the LOTR trilogy.
Yeah, and it really worked, didn't it- IanMcKellen as Gandalf- never again will there be an actor like he is. I am glad they re cast him for the hobbit, it was great Does anyone here like Return of the Jedi. It's my favourite.