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What is the most scary and best Halloween film you have ever seen ? Pumpkin Smilie

Mine is Nightmare on Elmstreet I know there has been made severak since but was the first one I ever saw and it really scared me Super Scared Smilie
I think the scariest one I have ever seen is the Sixth Sense. I don't really like scary movies, so I have'nt seen any "hard core" scary movies. The Sixth Sense was scary enough for me!! Pumpkin Smilie
I'm sorry to say I do not like scary movies! A thriller , yes. A movie where I may be scared, okay. But I do not enjoy a movie if the only purpose is to scare the heck out of me.

"A comedy tonight"- that is to my liking!
I I don't like scary movies either and haven't since my mother took me to see the original The Mummy in the forties. I thought I'd die of fright!! So I have stayed away from Psycho, and Jaws, and all these modern splatter films.

I think there is ample bad stuff happening in the world without my having to spend time and money watching it being reproduced on screen.

I had assumed Virumor's scariest movies would be Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Elk Grinning Smilie
Ghost and horror films scare me only for the duration of the film. The scariest film I have seen has stayed with me for years and years and I still check the wardrobe at night just in case. The Spiral Staircase - an old, old film.... I can remember sneaking out of bed when I was a kid and watching it through the crack in the lounge door without my parents knowing... oh boy, I wish I hadn't!!!! I only saw 20 minutes or so of it but the image of eyes watching the intended victim from a wardrobe has haunted me since.

I had assumed Virumor's scariest movies would be Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Well, one could attribute a myriad of colourful adjectives to PJ's adaptations, but scary is certainly not one of them.
Does Virumor not like the movies? I'm kind of out of the "loop" here.
It is not uncommon that fans of Tolkien's books do not like the films, as PJ leaves things out and certain aspects should have been incorporated. I do enjoy watching the films, but some parts I disagree with, and with that statement I agree with Vir, which isn't an often occurance. Little things that wasn't in the film are my main annoyance, but generally a good attempt and helps me to remember what was written, I forget really easy......

Oh yes, hmmmm, the best horror movie I have seen, is the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre, although I'm not a horror film person, but I'm proud that I could sit through it, scary scary scary all the way through Super Scared SmilieSuper Scared SmilieSuper Scared Smilie
The scariest movie was called "Last House On The Left",'s a distant memory but, definately left an impression on me(especially since I never forgot the name of