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The latest film I saw was : S’ SOM I HIMMELEN - PRECISELY LIKE HEAVEN -It was nominated for an Oscar back in 2004 as the best foreign film(a Swedish production/film) It's about an international music conductor who lives a rather stressful life , then interrupt his career and moves back to his childhood place to listen to the silence of the music..After a while he begins to lead a choir and bring them to new heights but at the end he dies..It's so sad and beautiful because he found what he was searching for at the end.. The film also have lot's of wonderful moments filled with music that brought tears into my eyes
Has anyone else seen this ?
No Mellon I havent seen it but after I read your post I want to! Big Smile Smilie it sounds great
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Dang-it!!! Νinerl, your avatar's breath is Precisely Unlike Heaven. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Yes it is indeed!I put this avatar because I love dragons Jumping Flame Smilie
Could it be Smaug's evil twin??? or good twin??? Smaug is a fluffly bunny really...........

No, I havn't seen it, but it does read good Elf Confused Smilie
I like that avatar.In Faerie land it is imperative that whatever you are good or evil you must do it with all your heart. That is a fire worthy of admiration and respect.
Although I do admit every time I see it I feel hungry and wish I could eat from the barbeque. Smile Smilie
How can anyone call old smaug a fluffy bunny!!!? Big Smile Smilie
I think that its dangerous he might come lurking under your bed!!! Smile Smilie

Nah, if he gets upset under your bed all you have to go is throw a coin under the bed and she'll shut up. the scavenger... Big Smile Smilie
How can anyone call old smaug a fluffy bunny!!!?

Glaurung and Ancalagon the Black, would.