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I love music and I believe many of us here do too.I am creating this thread so that anyone willing can share there choices in songs and lyrics and anything musical here.You can explain why you love a particular song or maybe describe how you feel after hearing a song.
You are not required to be a great musician with a talent in many instruments or vocals.This thread is all about the feel of a song and how we respond to music as refined creatures.
So do come and share your favourite songs and why they are so close to you.
My tastes in music range from classic rock to classical, but I personally can't stand most of the things that blare out of Radio 1 these days.
Favourite song at the moment: Pencil Full of Lead by Paolo Nutini. Always puts a smile on my face. Big Smile Smilie
Good one Fornad.So true and nice rhythmSmile Smilie
I love the well formed lyrics of Paul Simon, Neil Finn and Peter Gabriel. The first song that springs to mind is Solsberry Hill, I really love the lyrics and the story it tells......
Thanks for sharing Rho.Lyrics,I believe,make or break a songSmile Smilie
OK, this is for anyone who hasn't heard this song.

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven.

Just sit back, close your eyes and listen to the song all the way to the end. I truly believe this is the greatest rock song and quite possibly the greatest song made in the twentieth century. There's no words, really. Smile Smilie
Fornad, i agree with you 100%
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Thanks Gris. Orc Smiling Smilie
no problemo!
Orc Grinning Smilie
I like the music written and performed for the LOTR movies. The themes were so good, especially at a poignant part of the story. I also think the music for the Narnia films is very good, as well as the music in Forbidden Kingdom. But of course, I could go on...

The "Colonel Bogey March" from The Bridge on the River Kwai; the theme from The Longest Day; and the theme from The Guns Of Navarone always tend to get my toes tapping, if they could tap.
My musical tastes are quite wide, but mostly I listen music from classical/neo-classical and more ambient music to all kind of metal. Hmm, my favourite song may be something like: Summoning - Like some snow-white marble eyes, and Summoning's also my favourite #1 band, over 6 years of glory already.
To continue my message: I deeply recommend to try out Summoning's music, expecially if you (reader) listen to metal music, their music combines so many elements together, and creates a complete harmony which always eases my thoughts and warms my heart, each song from them is a masterpiece in my eyes, so, that's likely how I feel when I listen to their music, I don't believe that I can find any mortal words to describe the epicness of it all. Smile Smilie
Oh wow it is wonderful to hear so many genres being discussed.I agree with Fornad about his preference.It is a truly beautiful song.
I don't understand much of metal but I do like The Doors(does it qualify?)
@Grondy:lovely themes.I love Lara's Theme from Dr. Zhivago and also the one from The magnificient seven.Great stuff to play on my piano.
@Gandalf:Howard Shore being the music director of both Titanic and LotR I find his music similar but of course mind blowing.When I first saw the LotR movies I was blown away.
Thanks for posting in this thread everybodySmile Smilie
No problem at all, this kind of threads always gets my messages. Smile Smilie
Best bands among the genre: DVKE, Dark Sanctuary, Artesia, Arcana, Autumn Tears, Dargaard and Elend. - There's plenty of others too.
So do your threads dear OerathSmile Smilie
Thanks Oerath for the band namesSmile Smilie
@Grishnakh:What do you understand of music you Uruk hai?Smile Smilie
For all battle orcs from all across the world, *link removed*

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Or what about this old classic? (The Tale of Sir Robin from Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
It always makes me chuckle, though I'm not sure if that's a problem or not...
*link removed*
fits the uruk-hai quite well i think Smile Smilie

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*link removed*
this is awesome Big Smile Smilie

has anyone heard of the band "amon amarth"? ...elvish for mount doom? or so ive been told.

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This thread is infested with UrukSmile Smilie
will try out all the links you guys are dropping in.Thanks for the advice Very Big Grin Smilie
Are we going in for evil?
Ok, here's one.
Anyone heard Enya's Aniron?It is a star shining through deep water.Also along with the song check out the video of Into the wild by Eddie Vedder.I find it very liberatingSmile Smilie
Anyone heard A.r Rahman apart from the Jai Ho crap he made?
Ahh...bring on the evil.Feels good.
@Fornad: Did you know I was part of the Nazgul team?I just ran away since the boss got ousted.Now pretending to be a Rohirrim(it's a secret)
You guys might not like this but I really like this new song by a guy called Drake called "Find your love".It is nothing great but I like it.
Oh you people are longing for some evilness, well, I will call forth the beauty of darkness then. Smile Smilie
and @ Gris, yes, I am familiar with Amon Amarth, have listened to that band for long years already, and it is indeed other name to Mount Doom, but Amon Amarth's songs and lyrics tells about Norse Mythology.

*link removed*
- Dargaard - Eternity Rites pt.2

*link removed*
- Dark Sanctuary - L'istant Fun’bre

*link removed*
- Die Verbannten Kinder Evas - Shadowvale

*link removed*
- Autumn Tears - Do they ever sing

and just one more song, this one's more like a fantasy one.

*link removed*
- Dark Cloud Osts - Corridor of Time

Hope you'll all listen to these masterpieces and enjoy of them too.

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Here's a brand new work, more darker than ever, and once again upon this life-time, I've returned to the silent shadows of the cold and black night. Journey of the Land's End it shall be.

Journey of the Land's End

Silently as the wind, they came from the woods long forgotten
the nameless horsemen, servants of the dark side of night
Distorted and hollow voices followed them like a burning arrow
and their black horses' frigid neighs, they had a scent of death

Rain was cold as the ice of mountains, the sky was dead and pale
on the path of rotting trees, the shadows danced without an end
Ruins of an old chapel, there it lied in the embrace of soil and roots
nothing was left of it's glory, everything had been burned to ground

Their horses recognized the smell of flesh, a corpse in flow of black river
it satisfied the hunger of them, deeper into the heart of forest they rode
Something awoke from the shadows of that forest, beings without a name
they followed the horsemen, everything blackened and died on their trail

Air was colder than mist that slowly arose from the threatening swamps
it surrounded all of the living trees and animals, a trap eternally dark
The horsemen and their servants, they glanced at old and grim tower
dark chanting and fading light of candle, it could be heard and seen there

And as they mounted their horses, dark clouds began to engulf the moon
one by one stars dropped from the sky, as they entered the tower
A ring of flames and darkness, there they all spoke the words forbidden
and at that moment, the moon vanished, and the lady of shadows awoke

She placed her hands upon their souls, and drained them from inside
and their faces began to fade into the home of oblivion
All of the eleven men clad in black, they desired for more suffering
becoming a twilight spirit was their fate, their true calling

And on that night, the eleven men were no more
only their spirits remained, but their bodies were too weak to go on
the lady of shadows disappeared, and the tower was left in all silence
barren and dark was the sight of everything, the journey of the land's end

Written by: Otto 'Oerath' Timonen
Going back to Gandalf's earlier post, one of the best from FotR's soundtrack is A Journey in the Dark. I love the way it goes from dark and threatening to inspiring in a single track. The one after it (The Bridge of Khazad-Dum) is very good as well, and becomes very poignant at the end (after Gandalf's fall).
To me maybe the best of the LoTR soundtracks is 'A knife in the dark' it is absolutely beautiful song, and also sends a bit of cold shivers down my spine whenever I hear it, and there aren't many songs that can do that (except Summoning's songs and Dargaard's Eternity Rites pt.2).
There's an album that's hardly known at all, yet it's been a favourite of mine for years.
One of the best songs from the album was Hill Farmer's Blues by Mark Knopfler, though they are all great.
It's the voice and guitar of Dire Straits, who branched off for a while and made this.
Here's a kickass melodic death metal song for the liking of all metalheads. Be'lakor - Aspect -
*link removed*

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A bit of a cliche - seeing as we're on this forum but my first choice (since 1969) has been prog rock.

Some excellent stuff in this genre and it's not all about Hobbits and Elves ;-)

I do like something a bit heavy now and again so Dream Theater fits that bill.

My main listening apart from my collection is Radio Paradise- Not 'that' much prog but a superb and eclectic playlist. Wonderful all day listening - and no adverts!
Other station I listen to a lot is Morow - loads of prog here, new and old - and no stupid adverts either!

Try them. I can almost guarantee you'll hear something you'll like.

Plus on Morow - with it being all prog etc. - you'll hear a band with a Tolkeinesque name or a Tolkein inspired track at least once an hour ;-)

Radio Paradise

I quite like Era (particularly Ameno) Clannad, Asia, Split Enz, Dave Dobyn, Herbs (dragons and demons) and other stuff that I can't think of off the top of my head.... But it varies quite a lot depending on how I feel at the time!

Also I'll second (or third of fourth) stairway to heaven as being an awesome song. On Youtube there is a girl who plays it on harp - pretty cool, look it up! (I'm too lazy to look up a link for you Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie )
Re: Stairway - have to agree, one of the best things ever written. There's also a neat version played on iPhones using some ocarina type app!
Added working links to post for Radio Paradise and Morow

You all are having a really good time here it seems,quite a busy conversationSmile Smilie

Do keep in mind what Amarie has said and rock on..Smile Smilie

Listen to this

I've found that my taste in music changed with the years, when i was in high school, I pretty much liked just thrash metal like the early Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax ect.. but gradually, i started changing my way of thinking about stuff, Primarily due to Tolkiens works. so i started to widen my view on music and discovered finnish metal like ''children of bodom'' but i especially like more folk oriented metal like ''Ensiferum'', ''Wintersun'' and ''Eluvetie''.  I like those because how much fun i is to play on the guitar and drums, so much fun with my band also.

But, after all that high energy music, I like to site down with a nice cold beer and enjoy some more progressive music like ''Porcupine Tree'' Its so relaxing.

So yup if it werent for Mr. Tolkien, i"d still be enclosed by one style of music. God rest your soul dear sir.

my all time favorites

The first 2 are instrumentals by Elias Rahbani and the third is a song by 3 doors down called Pages

Porcupine Tree- The sound of Muzak, awesome

I like all kinds of music except Rap.

Going to see RUSH on the 14th HELL YEAH!!!

Go RUSH !! even more HELL YEAA or should I say MANDOS YEAA!! 

When I'm feeling sad or happy or overtly rebellious I usually submit to Green Day to blot out the extremes running through me but there is this one song which makes me feel invincible whatever I'm going through.So I'll just put it here:

Which songs make you feel invincible

Heh, that was a good one, Odette, so I decided to make an reply; to me there's too many songs in this world, which simply were meant to rule over others, and this is definitely one of them; a song that makes me to feel invincible.

I adore Porcupine Tree but I think I've listened to Pink Floyd more.

And thanks Oerath for the link.Great to hear.And I'm glad you enjoyed the song I posted.

Hey, folks, any of you interested about tomorrow, since it's going to be an official day for release of Therion's new album: 'Sitra Ahra', I've already been listening to the album, and first I wasn't sure of some tracks, 'cause they are so unique in their own ways, but now it has definitely grown on me, and I've come to think of it as a masterpiece. So, if you like of classical music, great symphonies, unique sounds and a bit of metal music, then don't miss this one! Smile Smilie

I love this song by Poets of the fall.Try it.

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