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Mine would have to be Edmund after he stops being evil/odd/nasty/a horrid little brat. But then there is also Corin from the horse and his boy, and Puddleglum and Reepicheep... oh man, I love them all!
Book 1: Strawberry the Horse
Book 2: Lucy
Book 3:Bree the Horse
Book 4: Trumpkin the Dwarf
Book 5: Reepicheep
Book 6: Puddleglum
Book 7: Puzzle the Donkey

I love all of the characters, but these were just my favorites. Poor Puzzle though.

You know, I was surprised and pleased to find out that Lewis and Tolkien were friends! Who would've thought so?
my favorite character over all is Alsan
but i also like Puddlegum, Lucy, Reepicheep, Susan, and last but not least, Puzzle the donkey!
I'd have to agree with Gwaihir about Edmund. The transformation about him was the thing that made him so much more complex than the others.
speaking of transformations, what about Eustace?

more minor transformations --
Jadis/The White Witch (although evil transforming to more evil, I don't know if that counts, it's rather more of a progression (regression?) than a transformation)
Shasta/Cor (is slave in rags to the riches of a crown prince transformatiion?)
Trumpkin the skeptic/Trumpkin the believer
dead Aslan/resurrected Aslan
Oh Eustace! I think CS Lewis did a particularly good job with him. I think he was the most human out of all the characters.
Oh Eustace! I think CS Lewis did a particularly good job with him. I think he was the most human out of all the characters.
I agree, I also think Edmond was a little git, even after he repented.
*chuckle* yep, some things you just don't want to change... D'you think Lewis got so fond of the brat Eustace in the Dawn Treader that he just had to let some part of the git live on in him?
We're all forgetting a certain pretty girl called Susan here. She changed too. Changed into an adult (or so she thinks) who doesn't believe in fantasy worlds anymore. It was sad. It's like CS Lewis is telling us to believe in this joy of fantasy and the joy of realistic fantasy.
I don't know about that. It seems more like he was saying "believe in what you know is true" -- no matter how much the rest of the world has no clue about it. "The seven friends of Narnia" are a pretty small bunch of people to be able to talk about Narnia with.... Susan got carried away with the things and people of her birth world, and didn't have time to think about what happened in that wardrobe during one summer, nor about the brief visit a year later....
I suppose for n ow it is Lucy and Mr. Tumnus. Lucy because of her childlike wonder and strengths and because she is just a dear little girl.
Mr. Tumnus because I love fauns for a start and I think his character is rich and lovely and very heartrenching at times.
I have just realized that I have not yet said explicitly that my favourite character was Edmund. I liked the fact that he was made into "the Just" after he became good and all that. It seemed nice that he was "graver" since he had been mixed up with evils and the White Witch, and since it was his judgement that had led him to become a traitor, it was a sign of deep trust that the people of Narnia would really hold his judgement in such high esteem. I just really like Edmund.
Yes, Edmund just like Eustace, who came after him was a good one, once he grew up after being a such a major pain in the neck.
I would like to add the last King Tirien(I have no memory of how to spell it,his gentle unicorn, and the fiesty little Reepicheep.

Speaking of the last king, about a month ago I was looking at the book bin in our local supermarket and was shocked to find The Last Battle from Focus on the Family in three cassette tapes. I still had an old cassette recorder hidden away somewhere and the pictures were fantastic. So I bought it.
Paul Scofield, whom I ADORE in Man for all Seasons(the only movie my whole family wept at ever),was narrator, David Suchet was Aslan and strangely enough or not , Andrew Sachs, who is Manuel on Fawlty Towers was Puddle the donkey. The orchestral music and the acting was superb. How I wish I could find all the rest. I have no idea why there was only one and where on earth it came from .I am very glad to have it whatever the story is behind it.
Just asking : is there a Mr Beaver in the Narnia trilogy? Thank you.
Just asking : is there a Mr Beaver in the Narnia trilogy? Thank you.

Indeed there is and also a Mrs. Beaver; though it is more of a septuagint rather than a trilogy. (well not 72 books only seven, and I don't know the latin for a seven volume collection.)

I have the complete 'Chronicle of Narnia,' all seven volumes of the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre series on 19 CDs Leelee. These are dramatizations and thus they are abridged, but they are very good. I think I got them via catalog; I don't find them in their online store. You might try
There is a Mr Beaver, excellent. Then I can present this : Narnia.
The High King Peter is my fav.