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I've started reading the series in german (didn't get very far yet - only two books) and I've got the feeling that the language is kinda very childish, simple, as if talking to someone stupid, something like that. it really disturbs me, I don't quite enjoy reading it and it takes me very long to get into that style. now, that could be due to the translater who might think he's got to make the style more suitable for children or rewrite the story in his way or something of that kind... I should be disappointed if this was really c.s. lewis' style of writing. so how is the original written? is it good language?
I don't remember the actual style, but I can say these books were written for adults, not children. If the translator of your copy unprofessionally dumbed them down for children, that was to the detriment of both age groups.
To be honest, Ithil, I have the same feeling whenever I read the Narnia books. The style is very simplistic. However, I thought they were written for children, Grondy. I have not read any of Lewis' other works though, so I can't really comment on them.
Have to say that I agree with the language , Ive read some of my sons book , and they arent to difficult to understand .. but maybe thats the point ?
it was written for adults??? then it must have been the translater, noone would write for adults in such a way. but I thought it was meant for children, anyway...
I remember a lewis quote saying something like: no book is worth being read by a child when it can't be read by an adult, too.
The Narnia books were written for children; the rest of his works are more for adults IMHO. Still he probably wrote them using language that the common man (or woman) would be able to understand, though the underlying symbology may need a little more education to assimulate. As I said earlier I don't have one of his books at hand to check and even if I did, I may not being qualified to expound on such things, not having a degree in English Lit. Elf Winking Smilie
Written as children's stories, yes -- but definitely not written "at" stupid or slow or uneducated children. The english style is straightforward and so are the plotlines -- not a lot of jumping around. The main characters, being children, are not given to long, lengthy, or complicated speeches.

However I find the symbolism quite interesting, more so as an adult than I did as a child. Especially when I read some of his other works and come across similar images in those works; Lewis said somewhere that he mainly wrote because of images he had in his mind that had to be gotten on paper, and that the plot came after the scenery....

Has anyone ever read "Till We Have Faces"? that's one of my favorite of C.S. Lewis' books.