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Has anyone here read this?
Nope I haven't ..please tell me about it Smile Smilie
It's a re-telling of the Psyche/Cupid story. Quite well done; the theme of a mortal having a relationship with the divine is not often told in this way. I remember reading somewhere that Lewis thought it was one of his best works, though it never was as popular as his other adult fiction books (out of the silent planet, etc.).

'How can we meet the gods face to face til we have faces?' that is so intriguing and awesome and mystical to me And of course it studies I think man trying to go above or circumvent or prevent the laws of God and what comes of it. But of course as always really redemption is in there. I think both he and dear JRR Tolkien felt very powerfully about redemption and all that was once lost being restored through someone and ultimately to all who wish to partake through various divine sort of means.
Thankyou for bringing this most interesting book to light.
What I love is the transition of the "voice" of Orual from accuser to the one who pleads to the one who is redeemed in joy --

As if the whole first part of the story is tainted with her perspective of being a victim and suddenly she is washed and turned around and begins to see more clearly what she is, who she is, and, (wonderfully, and awe-fully), who the gods are and why they interfere in human affairs - in her life.

The character portrayal is so relevant to my own "aha!" moments. I am Ungit. I will be Psyche. May the gods let this transformation be so!

I read this one about two years ago. Personally, I love Greek mythology and retold stories, which was a perfect reason to read the book besides from the fact that it was written by C.S. Lewis! Right after that I wanted to read Gregory Maguire's Wicked but never had the time. I think intertextuality opens an incredible door in literature.