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Just the one official trailer of the Dawntreader hooked me; and I can scarce wait the months until it arrives in a theatre near me.

Ooh, I just said something about Dawn Treader in the Caspian thread - oops! I see it's going to be in 3D, I think I'd rather see it in 2D though. The trailer looks great, can't wait.

Why can't we see the trailers in India?

Gosh I hope it releases during Christmas. Harry Potter and

Could someone please post a link to the trailer, I can't seem to find one, they've all been removed, thanks

Dawn Treader 


Link removed. Please do not link to sites which contain links or content which can be unsafe for children. 


Thanks 42

Okay, it's a bit more fiddly but you can try, click enter, then go to videos on the bottom navigation bar. Trailer!!

Actually that's quite a fun site, will add it to my list of procrastination tools....

The Voyage of The Dawn Treader is one of the movies I've been waiting for, so it's going to be a good watch, also being a huge Narnia fan is also one of the reasons. Smile Smilie

When I was much younger I used to read those books a lot and I also managed to see eight different theatrical versions of The Lion, The Wizard and The Wardrobe, good old times.

I haven't read the Narnia books in years but I'm told Reepicheep is a major figure in this next installment.  Big fan of Reepicheep Smile Smilie

one of the cool things about the dawn treader is the whole 'star-trekky' feel about it- discovering strange new islands where weird things go on
also the character of eustace is brilliant, along with the imagery of him turning into a dragon. should be an ace film!

I absolutely agree. Imagery is so very important in C.S.Lewis's work and I am excited about seeing how this was affected. I get to be ten and ooh and aah and remember how I pretended with my little brother that we were going to save the world, come what may. It was so much fun, the memories now dear and jealously guarded.

well, I must say that I was very sad to have missed the Dawntreader when it was here. Two of us were quite ill and two went and they were enchanted and loved every minute of it.

Oh well, I shall have to wait until it comes back. We have a theatre that has been here many many decades and was completely redone, all glorious retro and gorgeous. The atmosphere in the place is so awesome, just so magical. They often bring back such movies and then after viewing you go across the street to another retro place for coffee, pastries and talk , talk , talk about what you have just seen.

We only purchased the Dawn Treader a couple of weeks ago and already we have viewed it about five times,which is wierd for us. We have the other two as well and all the LOTR and all that.

I just love this movie, but in truth I can't say it is the best done or the chemistry is as brilliant between Lucy Edmond and King Caspian as before; I feel the leaving of Susan and Peter left a void  of sorts because in real life they were all so very close and became family just as Sean Astin and Elijah Wood, and the rest of the crew except Liv Tyler who was sad because she was the odd man out, not being there all that much and not bonding the same as the others.

Aside from that though, the boy that played Eustace was so brilliant and captivating, he alone made the movie for me. I loved the imagery of the unseen mansion and Coriakin the lord of the island. I loved the imagery on just everything, it was amazing and swept the child in me away.

To new things introduced- the leaving off of the accent Prince Caspian had in the former movie. I wonder how the rest of the audience took that.

And the more important element which had no explanation whatsoever given to it. That was the introduction as it were of evil for evil's sake . Always before evil  was right there in flesh and blood-the white witch and all her minions, and the very evil individuals who conspired against Caspian's father and one another.

But now we are told that Evil Itself has broken the long reign of peace and happiness and that IT was going to have the upper hand against all who fought It until things were put right, the seven swords were recovered and put upon one another at Aslan's Table. So the question needing exploring is what or who is evil and where does it  or him come from? It is intriguing.

Prince Caspian really did not live up to his name in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I think the dialog should have been scripted for Ben Barnes to have more voice in this movie, instead as far as I could see after watching this movie was an actor standing around looking beautiful and it wasn't just Ben there were other actors who needed a bit of a blow up.  After all here is talent going to waste on  animated animal characters.

I had to see this movie again a second time.