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Please don't post major SPOILERS in this thread, in case there are people who remain unfamiliar with the the story. If you do, then mark your post as containing spoilers so the uninitiated can stop reading.

After watching the new Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe movie, write your reviews here as well as comment on the reviews of others.
Saw it yesterday, all in all I was impressed, but if you arent urged to acts of extreme violence against the children out of pure irritaion then your a better person than I.
Hm, I didn't think the children were that irritating.

I was very pleased with the movie: in particular I thought the Lion was well done. I must re-read the book before I see it again; the better to appreciate the art of transforming a book to a movie. I've already got a catalog of little differences going in my head: character changes, plot devices, & etc.
So I went to see this movie yesterday and it was a good one. The location, costumes, cinematography and computer generated graphics were magnificent. The kids were good, though Peter was a bit stiff. I think Lucy stole the show. I didn't come away with any of the music still in my head, it was unobtrusive, yet seemed to fit. I will probably buy the DVD.

WARNING: POSSIBLE MINOR SPOILERS so don't read any more of this post if you don't already know the story.

The only changes I saw concerned:

1) The cause of the four children entering the wardrobe: in the movie it was a sunny day and an errant cricket ball through a stained glass window; while my recollection of the book seems to say it was a rainy day and the children were trying to keep away from a tour of the mansion that kept following them where ever they ran.

2) The movie White Witch had to stab the Narnians to turn them to stone, but in the book she only had to wave her magic wand.

3) Peter didn't have a sword to sword fight with the White Witch in the book. Of course I could be wrong on these last two, for I haven't read the book for a couple of years and maybe the TV series has clouded my mind.

I laughed at the "Giddy up Horsy!" and 'My name is Phillip.' gag.
lol. I laughed at Phillip the horse's line too.

Then I thought "hm, didn't lewis specifically state in one of the chronicles (I think it was "The Silver Chair" and/or "The Horse and His Boy") that, in Narnia, no one ever dreamed of riding a talking horse except in extremely dire emergencies? but maybe battles were an exception; maybe royalty was an exception....
I saw the film this afternoon and think it was as good as it could possibly have been. I didn't know what to expect as film adaptations of books can be disappointing; but I was impressed. (I laughed at Philip the horse's line too.)
I saw the movie yesterday with my children and we loved it !!! My son is the only one who had read it , but I found it very nice . The witch was very good a really bad woman..cold and nasty . I loved the LION and I think All of the children did a great job !! The yongest one Lucy really reminded me about my youngest daugther ,, Im going to buy it on DVD but First I will read the rest of the books
I saw it about 2 weeks ago, i thought it was good, the story line followed the book well, and the graphics were very good for Aslan the Great Lion. It does have some sort of religious tone to it, got to think about apart of it i wont say what as its one of the 'spoilers'. Overall, i thought it was very good, and can easily get u thinking about reading them again or for the first time!
I liked it a lot. I have to go read the books again now, because I’m not sure if the differences I noted were from the books or just the TV series. I suspect most of them are different from the books as well, because a lot of them seemed to be for dramatic effect and I don’t really trust Disney to be accurate’ But the graphics were excellent, and it was pretty faithful. I really only had a couple of nit-picky issues with it’ there are a couple of things that are not explained in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe directly that are a lot more meaningful if you have read The Magician’s Nephew, and anyone who hasn’t read the books isn’t going to understand them’ like why there’s a lamp-post in the middle of nowhere. I do understand that they had to make TLWW first, because no one is going to come to TMN, since a lot fewer people have heard of it. But it makes me a little sad. Also, they didn’t have the poem about Aslan in the movie, even though there’s a line of it on Peter’s sword (’When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death,’). I thought they could have made the movie half a minute longer and put that in the conversation with the beaver’s when they were telling the children who Aslan was.
I saw the movie and I was overall pleased with the entire thing. However, as I have frequently helped my brother with his animation studies, I found several animation "glitches", but I don't suppose that it really matters because only I notice stupid things like that when I ought to be enjoying the movie. I just uploaded my avatar. Like it?
I loved it. My children loved it. Only thing that jarred was the violence. I am sure the books weren't that violent! Or maybe it is just my memory.

I thought all the children were fantastic. Especially Lucy. All the characterisation was good, except I found the White Witch a bit lacking. She just didn't scare me, I'm afraid. Not like the White Witch in the televison series. She was a bit more over the top with her acting, but definately scarier.

I also noticed a few imperfections in the animation, like the beaver's mouths when they were talking. A shame. You would never have seen it in a LOTR movie.

All in all, can't wait for The Horse and His Boy, which I assume will be next.
Aye...I'd have to aggree with you there Ally. Personally I like Tilda as a actress but I found her lacking as the snow queen. I reckon the head witch out of Witches would have been better but that's just my personal opinion. Loved the movie over all, lucy was fantastic, she does kinda steal the screen but then again she kinda stole the book too, she seems to be everyones fav.
Loved the talking horse gag, and loved the familiraty between mr and mrs Beaver, hugely funny.
Was impressed by the cgi, especially the griffins during the final battle.
I am sure the books weren't that violent! Or maybe it is just my memory.

You're both right and wrong there: The books were not that graphic, but of course they did contain the witch, and a the killing, and her turning creatures into stone, and the battle WAS huge, as when you read about peter's and edmund's references to it in other books as a major, pivotal conflict in the war against the witch and her minions -- but lewis did not give a blow-by-blow account of it -- in fact, he has the reader follow lucy and susan the whole time, and only has the reader hear about the battle from peter, who talks about it afterwards.

If you read up on the director of the movie, you'll find that he says in interviews that he had imagined this great battle when he read the books as a child, and before he made the movie he sat down to write down all his impressions of the book, THEN he re-read it, and was disappointed to find out that lewis has peter describe the battle in a matter of a page and a half (or less). So he purposely decided to show the battle onscreen instead of have you "hear" it from Peter -- which i think is a pretty sound filming decision.
All in all, can't wait for The Horse and His Boy, which I assume will be next.

Actually, I think it's Prince Caspian next in line to be made.

And I think I heard someone mention the music in the movies? Yes, it was magnificent! The composer really knew how to do his work, and I think I perceived a little bit of Howard Shore's style in the Narnian themes as well. Very cool. Perfect music.
I watched the film the other day - it was really good, I enjoyed it, I will definately watch again and again. I haven't read the book since school so this has prompted me to buy the book (I bought a box set from ebay - in for a penny in for a pound). If I watch a film I like to read the book. the end of the day films ARE only adaptations - you can't expect them to be exactly like the books, so you can't be too judgemental, you just have to enjoy them for what they are.

I will re-read the book and then say if I thought the book was like the film....I'll bet you'll all be holding your

ps The witch also played the angel gabriel in the film Constantine - she's bad in that as well!!
The movie was amazing. WAy better than the cartoon honestly. when i saw the trailor i thought it would be awful..but i was proved wrong. im glad i went to go see it. denfinatly worth it.
Tubby_took_greenleaf said:
The movie was amazing. WAy better than the cartoon honestly.

Cartoon? I've seen the old BBC versions but I've never seen a cartoon Version of LWW; could you tell me who it was done by?
Even if it is bad, its still Narnia and I'd like to see it!
Orc Smiling Smilie
Here is a link to a place offering the 1983 cartoon of The L, W, the & W. From that info you may be able to yahoo or google it to gain more info.
The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe Animated Cartoon - DVD
I was swept away like a little girl. In fact I doubt if Lucy was more enchanted than me.
I saw the trailer and vowed never to go and see it and do wrong to Jack's memory.
And then when I bought the DVD and sat down to view it with two members of the family that have read everything I think by CS it was as if a curtain fell about us and we truly were transported to another time and place.
Lucy of course was fabulous, but as we ARE talking about children playing children well I thought they were all perfect. I liked Peter just fine; he gave a sort of whimsical style to his part, a gentle brother that certainly go irritated and annoyed but was just that, a gentle brother.
My little Hasia kept calling both the White Witch and Edmond "you bad boy" was got a little annoying after a bit.
The musical score so suited the movie and just the extravagance of the fields and trees and water, all of that was wonderful.
I loved Mr. Tumnus, more than in the book. I did love him in the book but something in the actor made him very vulnerable and dear to me and his facial expressions were great.
We are very happy to own our copy and play it quite a bit. four stars out of five I think.

Narnia has always been a large part of my life.

I truly admire C.S Lewis for creating such masterpieces, 'cause even if they were meant to be children's books, I could think of myself reading those books even twenty years from this moment onward, or more.

During my life, I've seen nearly 7 different theatre versions of LWW, the old film-make and all of the current movies, twice or more. Smile Smilie

I was at eight class when the first movie came out, and I went to watch it with my friend, and the experience was quite awesome. It was just as I had expected, or even more than that.

I enjoyed the movie, and the cast was pretty good too. Aslan had a good voice acting, and Mr. Beaver was awesome! ^^

What more is there to say about it. It was a very good movie, and I think I could watch it for at least one more time.

Rate: 10.

Oerath, I am all astonishment, I had no idea you too were a childlike fan of this charming and thrilling story. I cannot describe how the child in me just loves so dearly Aslan and all the players. Now we have one more thing to talk about Prince of Poems.

Prince of poems.. I am quite honored I must say, but yes, if you want to talk about Narnia, then I think I may be a right person to share such a conversation with. Smile Smilie

And ew, Aslan has always been my favorite character. Always when I see his death on the stone table, I begin to cry, or even before that. (I hate to admit it, but that's the truth)

Anyway, there are a lot of things that most of the people do not know about me. Let's just say that my mind is quite vast, and I am the kind of fellow who believes in many kind of things. Spirits, myths, legends, secrets, mythical creatures, you name it. Smile Smilie

Oh, and did you know that it's very unlike to find someone, who would be more fascinated about dragons than I am. I haven't written many tales about dragons, but I've always admired those creatures through music, movies and books. I'll let you know a secret; dragon, phoenix and raven. Those three shall be tattooed, no matter what. And there's also one more tattoo, which should be easy to guess.

But, my next work will feature dragons, and many other kind of things. It will be five tales in one packet.

TFTROSAL 5-10. I've also been writing some bits to my 'The Gathering of Lost Spirits', but I think that the next part will take a lot more time than I expected.

I have always been enamored by the phoenix. They are so mysterious and noble and awesome to me.

It does not really matter the time taken to do a work Oerath, because it is a journey, and whether you walk it or ride it, and whether or not you get to your destination quickly or over a long time, the point is, you will get there. And think how pleased you will be.