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I hear the new Prince Caspian movie is coming out in May. Saw the preview in the theatre and got kind of excited! It looks pretty good.

We have the dvd, I quite liked the way you are just plunged into the beginning. I very much admired the characters and actors who played them of Trumpkin, Prince Caspian, the lead centaur, badger,. the general and even evil Miraz. Very mature performaces. Loved it. I so wish C.S.Lewis was here to view the movie and say what he feels about it all.

I loved it - not too sure why it didn't do better. Really looking forwards to Voyage of the Dawn Treader this christmas (though we'll probably get in a bit later than that) It's my favorite book out of the series, followed by Horse and his Boy, hope they get to make that one too!

I would love to see them all made into movies, but that is asking a lot. The voyage of the dawn treader, well the trailer at least looks very magical and interesting, but we will see.

I wonder, would the moviemakers decide to go ahead with the Silver Chair before the Horse and His Boy?  Would you want to keep the same actors for Edmund and Susan and wait till they are a little more "grown up" to take their parts, or just hire different actors - and would you want them older in the Horse and His Boy than they would be in The Last Battle?  

I suppose that's the sort of thing that moviemakers and casting directors and screenwriters mess around with all the time.

I absolutely love the current actors, but I think personally you could have different actors for each film, the stories stand on their own, and it would be fine with me. But I would prefer to take actors from the theatre for the most part, to me they so much better suit the fantasy than Holly wood actors. I know in LOTR the actors who played Frodo, Sam and Arwen were the best, but I don't like the thought of Hollywood actors who are so in the lime light daily to play such parts, I really cannot fully explain why. And I should probably like to also see absolute unknowns who audition and just blow away those watching. I love sleepers, they just light up the screen as it were.

oh.. I hope we can revive this forum....I love C S Lewis stuff so much....What did we think of the film , Dawn Treader ?... I thought it was well done...quite a few changes from the book...but then it was a very difficult book to adapt....there was no real villain....

Oh.. by the way..they obviously set it up, so that the next film would be The Silver Chair....(did you notice at the end...Jill Pole had called round to see, link....Haha...but then i read that they are going to doThe Magician's Nephew next ?

Oh... I do hope so favourite get to see Aslan "singing" Narnia into existence with his voice...awesome!!....

We never rent movies, only buy them because we choose not to have cable(disgusting for little people in my opinion) so I can take the time to view over and over and get a better opinion of the movie.

We only just purchased  The Dawn Treader last week and have viewed it a few times. My initial impression was that the visuals were rich and went perfectly with the general feeling of the book. My absolute favorite special effect is the one where Lucy is reading the book of incantations and has just finished making the unseen seen and then the room she is in takes on a more dimentional aspect and some items in the room suddenly turn into the lord of the manor and owner of the island. Just loved that moment.

I thought the boy who played Eustace was magnificent and he riveted me the entire film.

I did feel there was a little bit of emotion lacking that had been in the other two movies though and I attribute it to the fact the four originals were not together for the most part. The children had become almost a real family and Ben from what I could gather had not drawn quite as close as the four already had their dynamic. So to me it seemed as though there was a little dispiritedness apparent.

Other than that though it was brilliant. The sea monster simply horrified me at first viewing, but after the second viewing I felt sorry for him and not so frightened. Grossed out though each time his slithering five ton body went over the ship. shiver.

oh yes LeeLee,,absolutely agree about that moment when a piece of furniture seems to "morph" into the Wizard...!!...amazing....I did miss the moment from the book, though, when Alan visits Lucy & The the end, he just disappears...and The Wizard says to Lucy..."Gone!!..and you and I quite forlorn..." haha, I just love that old use of language.....isn't it funny , it's just the little iconic moments you remember....and, yes, The Sea Serpent was astonishing.....

The Magician's Nephew should be amazing....!! ..Don't you think ?....oh dear, I am getting overexcited again...I need to go and lie

It had good moments.  and yes, noticed the Jill Pole reference!  I don't think Eustace was supposed to have the same rapport - at least not yet - with the Pevensie kids - 

(I wonder, does making the magician's nephew next give Eustace a little time to "grow up" before the next film?)

What gets me is the green mist and 7 swords thing.  On one level I understand the need to make the underlying quest for the 7 Lords more movie-friendly.  Find the 7 swords of the 7 lords... has a certain ring to it that works in the Narnian universe.  On the other hand... green mist??!?  Come on!  

And the moviemakers just can't seem to bear to let the White Witch stop bothering Edmund.  (At least if they make the Magician's Nephew next, they won't have to invent a part for Tilda Swinton to play... )

Hi Ellanoraine,

Yes, I know what you mean...your major villain...a green mist ?...oh well, I guess it was a cheap special effect!!.....yes, they seem to try & shoehorn Tilda Swinton in whenever they can...even though she's supposed to dead !!...(is she ?....actually, I am not sure about that!!).....I know Tilda is brilliant, but.....

But yes, I just hope Will Poulter won't be TOO old by the time they get to The Silver Chair...hahaha...

But yes,The Magician's Nephew will be the one Tilda Swinton can really get her teeth into.....!!

Should be amazing....!!

She probably has a bigger - or at least just as big - a role in TMG as she does in TLWW.  In all fairness, the "Prince Caspian" book does MENTION her, and being a book, having a character mention conjuring up the white witch is almost as good as having her be conjured, but in a movie where everything is visually communicated, and words are secondary, you can forgive them for actually having her be (half) conjured.


But - I don't think she even gets a passing reference in the Dawn Treader, unless you count Edmund saying that Eustace wasn't really doing so bad his first time in Narnia - seeing as Eustace's rotten attitude made him a nuisance, but Edmund's rotten attitude made him a traitor...   (But then, he was only a traitor because his family was destined for the thrones - had he been placed on a less high road, it might have looked more like Eustace's journey)

Oh lovely people I simply love Tilda, a simply wonderful actor. I think she would make a wonderful Valar or major Maia in a movie version of The Sil. She has an an ancientness about her which is simply..... Elven really.