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I spent four hours Saturday night and Sunday morning plus another eight hours Sunday night and Monday morning finishing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I turned out the light after reading the final page at 6 AM. It was a page turner all the way through.

I didn't like the ending, but we weren't promised a Shakespearian comedy and though I cried, life will go on.

I just started it, and just arrived at chapter 4. Sofar I find it a very good book... I like how the exitement is building up.

And now I'll be going to bed... It's almost 4 AM here... Sleeping Smilie
You did that just to provoke me and Miruvor, admit it.

*Morambar employs the talent he didn't mention to the Guild*

"There's no emoticon for what I'm feeling right now!" Twelve hours. You could've read half of FoH or LoC in that time, with diligence. And you made me Google your Latin (my HS began offering Latin the year after I graduated; they stopped senior trips after the class ahead of us got drunk on the bus on the way to Six Flags, which was typical of them.) I didn't make you Google... never mind.

Glad you enjoyed (most) of it. Sometimes sadder endings are annoying, but they provide that "verisimilitude" thing Anthony's always going on about (and I can sometimes spell if I concentrate.) If I don't see someone within the next two books I'm gonna write a nasty letter though.

I guess I shouldn't come back for a bit, but if this book tries what the movies did with the Trilogy (that worked well, eh?) on KoD I'll be upset.
I honestly think that she could have had a better ending. I think she sort of killed the plot and the only reason people will buy the next book is to find out what happens. But I heard on the news that she is almost a multi billionaire and that on the first day itself 2 milllion copies were sold in britain and 7 milion copies were sold in the USA. I wish i had that kind of money :P but aside from the ending it was an ok book.
No spoilers, eh? Rats.

Well I have read almost all of the book and I know how it ends. It seemed tobe a rather extreme ending...didn't like that part much. But we were prommised that the books were going to get "darker" as they came to an end.

Good book though, J.K. Rowling has certainly proved to me that she is an excellent writer. She has been able to keep all of the talent that was in the first book and carry it on through the sixth.

Who thinks that Harry will die in #7? After what happened in HBP I don't think that would be a good way to end a series.

i also think that she could have ended the book better but many people i know love it.
also i think it would be cool if she killed harry in the 7th book cuz then i would not have to worry about what he did after he graduated.
Naw, we have to assume that though it looks very dark now, that she will leave us a light at the end of the tunnel and the bad guys won't win. I for one wouldn't want to see the end of all of you misbegotten Muggles, which will be the result if the ring isn't destroyed. Oops, wrong story. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I think Book #7 will end with a quadruple wedding: In Love Smilie Hagrid & Madame Maxime, In Love Smilie Ron & Hermione, In Love Smilie Neville & Luna, and In Love Smilie Harry & his new found love of Book #6, asuming He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named didn't kill any of them off before his downfall.
We shall see, we shall see. That sounds like a much beter ending, Grondy, than the one I am thinking of. Wink Smilie

Looking forward to #7 though!!

I nearly bought it for JtC today but the store had sold out. No problem though - it'll be around for some time yet.

And welcome back Stonehelm!

Wiggle Smilie
So does Harry finally meet Sally in the book then ?
i have never really liked HP after reading 1-4. then i read 5 a week ago. it was good. i got and finished the new one yesterday. odd that i like it that much now...
i dont know what your thinking of but whos sally? about the 7th book i will say dont count your chickens before they have hatched. I doubt that the two main people she"killed" off in book 5 and 6 are not really gone. there may be a big turn coming up and she said all the hints were there as to what was going to happen in the last book and for the death in the 5th book it only says hes gone not dead and in the 6th book you need to remeber the flash of light and who caused and then where is the cause now... just to give all of you something to think about.

(it is hard trying to explain something without saying anything in a manner of speaking.)
Yes it is Robbin' wood, probably in a month or two after everyone has had a chance to read the book, we will be able to speculate without having to worry about giving anything away to those who have yet to read Book 6.

Oh Sally is probably just a figment of Miruvors imagination, though I know her as the little sister of Dick and Jane, the anti-heros of my elementary school reading primers. They had a dog named Spot and a cat named Puff and talked like the following: "Oh Jane, see Spot run. Run Spot run. Funny, funny Spot." But at least they prepared me for JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, JK Rowling, Terry Pratchet, and Neil Gaiman, not to mention John Milton, Edmond Spencer, John Bunyon, and William Shakespeare. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Never heard of the movie "When Harry met Sally" ? Sheesh, i should've known, with 99,9% of PT's membership being under 11 (no wonder Hairy Potty is so popular).

You are a very naughty person, Miruvor. And you and Robbin' haven't told me who you think is closet Black Ajah yet, or even if you think Cadsuane is (or Verin.)

And Grondy... I'm surprised you owned up to Dick and Jane (had forgotten about Sally, but I HAVE heard of her.) Guess it's a good thing you're not a chick, or you'd have to kill us all now.
I burnded all those books in the eternal fire.

Nobody knows that might happen in the last book. There are so many ways that JKR could change it that it is futile to try and predict what might happen.

Now we just have to wait a couple of years to find out.

My Great Uncle Albert swore by learning to read via McGuffey's Reader.
I just finished #6 and I liked it. You can really tell that Harry and his
friends is growing up, more and more for every book.
And stuff that was there already from the first book, is
finally coming out in the light.
Anyway, I think she had a good ending. And honestly, with that ending,
she doesn't have to write another book.
How many is she supose to write anyway?
Just one more, right?
Btw, can we speek more freely here now about what's happening
in #6? Or is it still to early?
Let us wait another month.

I am currently listening to Jim Dale reading H.P. and the Half-Blood Prince as my bedtime story via the CD's that just came out. Jim Dale has done a wonderful job in reading all the H.P. books unabridged, giving voice to each character making them come alive. I have the other books on tape. I also notice I missed or forgot a bunch of stuff, having read the book in just two sittings, actually two lie ins.
I took frequent breaks while reading the book (to let my sister read some and to soak up information) so it took me 14 hours to read that book.

I actually liked the ending. It showed them there, through it all, even after the death. Though, I was and still am sad about it (the death), but it had to happen. Though I was surprised by the beginning of chapter 3. I expected something different out of Harry. (And so now you know that he doesn't kick the can in the first two chapters).

But, Sally already came along, remember? In the first book! Perks, Sally Anne! Though ... she mysteriously vanished between that book and the 5th because her name was right before Harry's in the sorting ... but we don't see her when they're taking exams ... maybe Polly will come instead. Wink Smilie
Sally, sally, sally....wut's with her?
Anyways, I don't think I liked the 6th book that much. It has turned out to be some yucky tangled lovelife story of harry and his fellow students.
can we put spoilers in now?
Sure go ahead and post your spoilers now, but use in bold caps the WARNING SPOILERS at the beginning of the threads where you give them, so those who haven't read the book can opt out if they wish.

ok fun

Gandalf is not dead. well he might be but lets say that he is pretty much like gandalf. so he probably isnt dead. also, remember when snape is running from harry at the end of this book? well hes shouting NO POTTER! when harry tries to hex him. thats not the words of the shhiled spell is it? so? we all know that Snape is either using legitments or w/e the mind blocking thing is called from either Dumbledore or Voldomote, the really powerful wizards. so wots to stop Snape from saying "avada Kedava" and meaning a spell that imitates Avada Kedavra? also, it never says that Dumbledore is dead. directly, sure the charecters say it but so wot? also...Dumbledore trusts Snape w/ his LIFE! that might be foreshadowing that he put complete trust into snape to actually not kill him. and he wants Harry to kill Voldoemort himself. cause of the prophecy? and if he is dead, to put in the words of Kurt Vonnegut, so it goes.

Me thinks you are right Elrose: it was probably a state of suspended animation, so it looked like he was dead; and he will crawl out of his tomb at some later date, say about two-thirds into the next book in a couple years. But in the meantime we can continue to hate Snape, and with Potter hating him, it puts him in the good graces of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Of course I may be wrong. :orcgrin:


and it never even says that dumbledores body was in the tomb.....

Oh dear. Aren't you all being rather a bit too optimistic? Dumbledore is dead; Snape did it; (after seeing him make the unbreakable vow, and knowing that he'll die if he breaks it, is there any doubt that he MEANT 'avada kedavra'?) Rowling is not Tolkien -- I don't think she'll write Dumbledore in to Book 7 by having him pull a Gandalf. More likely you'll see him there in memories, or (perhaps) talk to the "imprint" he left in his portrait in the Headmaster's (now Headmistress's) Office.
I sat 6 hours straight today reading that book. I couldn't put it down. Oh, Dumbledore is gone. He won't be back. I agree with Elanorraine. Fawkes knew it too. The people could be fooled, but not him.

That's why J.K.R made sure Harry was shown all of Dumbledore's memories about Voldemort/Tom. That way the info within Prof. D wouldn't be lost. I loved the chapter with Snape, but was hoping he could find a way out of the vow. I really like him, he got more depth in book number 5. He's got a trick or 5 up his sleeve, I am looking forward to seeing them.

Dumbledore would have died sooner or later. If he hadn't died now while protecting Harry, he would have died later, while protecting Harry. He'll be missed though.
Obviuosly you are right Amari’, I was just wishfull thinking. I've been listening to the book again via CDs at bedtime, and some nights I lay awake listening to more than just one of the seventeen disks.
Yeah, I am secretly hoping Sirius isn't really dead either. But even Harry has given up that hope. I look forward to see how it all will end. Though I don't really want it to end. Wink Smilie
Well, i've always suspected that Prince Harry was a half-blood prince.

I owe Ms Rowling thanks for this confirmation.
Well, maybe in the end, ms Rowling will kill Harry off and we'll see him in the world of dead spirits, eating chicken legs with Sirius and old Dumbles. So that wouldn't exactly seem as bad as DEAD. In fact, to dead Harry, dead Sirius would be alive (they're both ghosts aren't they?)
they're both ghosts aren't they?
Not according to Headless Nick who said Sirius wasn't able to come back as a ghost from where he was. Dumbledore's spirit should be wandering around between his portrait hanging in the Hogswart Head Mistress's office, his photographs in the Daily Prophet, and those on the Wizard Cards found in packages of Chocolate Frogs; though he can probably only communicate via his portraits.
well, that ain't so bad. I mean, then everyone gets to be immortal pictures....
They are still only pictures, even if the photgraphs can smile and wave and the portraits talk. They may capture a bit of your personality, but the real you will still be dead.
They are still only pictures, even if the photgraphs can smile and wave and the portraits talk.

Another possibility is that they are what people call "mirrors".

True, that is one alternative...
I finished listening to the CD's in the wee hours of this morning with a new question: Will Ginny get back together with Harry before Lord V and Snape get their comeupance, or will she just work in the background helping Ron and Hermione support Harry until the world is made a safe place again; and then they will get together, or will she be the 'good guy' to die in the next book?
JK writes on the page before the first chapter "To Mackenzie, my beautiful daughter, I dedicate her ink and paper twin." JK has already said that Hermiony is much like herself as young. I think Ginny is the ink and paper twin, so I think she will live.

Besides, Harry needs someone to live happily ever after with when the 7th book is done. I think, or sort of hopes, I know who will be the good guy who dies. But it is hard to say untill we see who is in book 7.
You know, in most cases, we know what the end of the story is going to be. I wouldn't be surprised at the end of the 7th book if Voldemort dies. But the most interesting part is HOW exactly things happen. 7th book just has to live up to the expectations you know!

I was thinking after the 5th book that the way things have shaped up to be, the 6th book would either be a complete disaster or simply awesome. Well, the book is good. Rowling has certainly done a nice job to shape up the story. 7th book is going to be exciting, especially with the 6th one raising a few questions towards the end.

Snape has been my favourite character through the series and I see no reason to dislike him now. I'm sure he'll repay Dumbledoor's faith in him. Premature judgement is a bad thing. I'll wait for the 7th book to form an opinion about Snape.

I did like the fact that Drako Malfoy is given some credit in the book. I always though that Rowling undermined him too much throughout the series.

I think Drako and Snape will prove able assistants to Harry in the 7th book for doing his job of killing Voldemort.
I think book six is STUPID
oh! WARNING Big bad scary spoiler ahead :P
in book 5 JKR told us to put All of our faith in the phrosphy and NOW she's telling us that it doesnt matter? What's with that? I LOVe the books till 5 and i think that she's not even trying anymore,

ya im talking to you! dont spoil stuff :-P

(after seeing him make the unbreakable vow, and knowing that he'll die if he breaks it, is there any doubt that he MEANT 'avada kedavra'?)

i think that Snape would be helping draco by NOT killg dumbledore. draco didnt really want dumbledore to die. i think. but im pretty sure dumbledores dead.
i think that Snape would be helping draco by NOT killg dumbledore.

I don't think Snape thought that killing Dumbledore would help Draco, he's too smart for that. But Snape had no choise. He had made an unbreakable vow to Draco's mum. Snape promised to help Draco, AND if Draco couldn't do what Voldemort had told him to do, Snape would do it for him.
Yes that was the only way to keep them both alive.

After Bill and Phlem are married, what color will be their first puppy's fur, oops make that baby's hair?
blonde? isnt blond more dominant of a gene than red? i dont know...
oooo.... part veela, part werewolf, mostly human.... I pity the poor tyke if he or she turns out to be a squib too. (Can a part human/part magical creature be a squib?)

OK, who thinks voldemort will crash bill and fleur's wedding party?