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I have been reading Dragonlance books and they are incredibaly good. if you have not read them...READ THEM!
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Yup. Never heard of a "compound ASCII set" but that's sure what it looks like.

No, I only know Dragonlance by reputation (unless you count the Dragonstrike PC game; man, those dracoliches are TUFF!) Besides, I'm getting ready to reread WoT for KoD (Oct. 15, I believe.)
I once held an interest in the Dragonlance series, as an armoured chick was on the cover, but as soon as i finished reading the backcover of the book, i lost interest for some reason.
I read the first three books, but had and still have more fun playing Champions of Krynn and Death Knights of Krynn on my Commodore 64. I hated having to carry three swords because of the weak Baaz Draconians who upon dying turned to stone with the blade of my weapon trapped within their bodies like Escalibur. And as King Arthur was never around when you needed him, you had to wait until the battle was over when they would turn to dust so you could retrieve your weapon. And as I remember ice storm was the only spell that would effect the blinking Aurak Draconians who had three lives and exploded every now and then. That Dracoliche was one tough bugger, much worse than Martini and his four Ancient Red Dragons, though meeting three Beholders at one time was no walk in the park. Super Scared Smilie
the broad answer to the smily question is no it won't show up and infact it breaks the site! So no posting of smilys in subject lines of messages in the future!
I have heard of the DragonLance series but i have never gotten around to reading them cuz i still havent read all of the History of Middle-earth Series and i want to read WoT!
Good girl, yes, read WoT (Knife of Dreams, out October 15) and join us in the thread; Miruvor and I are running out of stuff to discuss (actually, I've kind of hit a wall with his "what's up with Lews Therin" thing, though it's started some independent discussion at wotmania.) Considering all the time I spent with AD&D 2nd ed. it's kind of surprising I've never read any of the books (OK, one of the Bard's Tale books, but that's it.) But Krynn doesn't have Elves, right? Takes all the fun out of it for me.
Naw, Krynn has all the archtypical races: elves, men, and dwarves; however, instead of haflings there are kender who are small, brave, and fearless (foolhardy), but unlike halflings are also cute and are capable of throwing a good taunt to disrupt their enemies concentration. This latter attribute is not a good thing to use against dragons, for it only concentrates the dragon's attack on the taunter who is weak in both constitution and strength.
Not meaning to make you sound old, Grondy, but I'm not sure I was around when the Commodore 64 came out Very Big Grin Smilie

Raistlyn Majere, is, by far and farther still, the coolest of modern mage characters! My favorite books are hte very first three: Dragons of Autumn Twilight; Dragons of Winter Night; and Dragons of Spring Dawning after those, the series is kinda all -poo- to me. I love Raist, and when he turns bad, he's even cooler, but you don't have to:

l l
t a
^Just put the letters in order...
If you decipher that, then you know what I mean... I just didn't want to tell anyone outright what happens in Dragons of Summer Flame before they read it, ya know?

Raistlyn Majere, is, by far and farther still, the coolest of modern mage characters!

Are you sure "Raistlyn Majere" isn't the name of the prime minister of Kampuchea ? It sounds disconcertingly familiar..
If you read the book Miruvor, you'd know who the Raist is: Caramon's brother and other stuff......

And no, I do not think he's the

prime minister of Kampuchea

is that even a real place?

At the time I read Dragonlance I was playing AD&D a lot, which was good as the books were based on the game, right down to the spell components the wizards were using. At the time I enjoyed the story but I thought it was very poorly written - too easy, as though a ten year old had written it. Also, in D&D characters could die and be resurrected reletively easily. This seemed to happen a fair amount in the book too, which spoiled things as one minute a character's dead and the next it was just a dream etc.

I did think the second series was a big improvement on the first, however, both with the complexity of the plot, the depth of the characters, and importantly, the writing style. And yes, Raistlin is a pretty good mage, particularly when he becomes Fistandantales.

So Dragonlance.... Worth a read, but certainly not in the same league as Tolkien's LotR, Kerr's Deverry series, Feist's Riftwar Saga, Edding's Belgariad etc etc etc. (Although my ten year old son would disagree. He loved them)
Was Dragonlance written by Weis and Hickman? I have the books somewhere but I've not read them yet. I have, however, read The Deathgate Cycle by Weis and Hickman and loved it. It was the series that got me into enjoying fantasy. I never considered LotR as fantasy.
Yes, they were the ones who co-wrote them. Several of the short story compilations that were published later, however, were written by fans.
Oh, and I thought Weiss & Hickman was the name of a department store. My bad.

anyway, has anyone read the fantasy series written by Marks & Spencer ?
Is that the one where groups of people were turned into mindless zombies intent on converting everyone to wearing 'good quality classics' ?
Elf With a Big Grin Smilie To any newbie reading this thread: I suggest you google the above authors' names to find out which ones are for real and which ones our-know-it-alls are using to pull your leg. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I've recently read through the Chronicles & Legends trilogies (someone told me those are the only books worth reading), and though I had expected it to be of inferior quality beforehand (I am biased like that), I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It's simply a fun mix of sword & sorcery and high fantasy, and I enjoyed it more than David Eddings' books from the same time period.
the time of the twins was the first book I ever bought, I was Thirteen at the time.
I enjoyed the series then, I think I also read the Dragon books by Tracy Hickman and that other fulla as well, not really my thing these days.
I reread The Chronicles Trilogy recently and didn't find it as exciting as the Drizzt books by R.A. Salvatore. I liked playing Champions of Krynn and Death Knights of Krynn on my Commodore 64/128. In fact I have a current game of the latter postponed because of my move, where I am in the crypts below the Cleric's High Tower, trying to keep the zombies giants from undermining it and collapsing said tower.
Stories set in FR are basically an excuse for travelling around and slaying myriads of exotic monsters like dragons, medusas, beholders, mindflayers, mariliths, glabrezu, succubi and what not. The setting is consciously over-the-top to make pretty much any role-playing session possible... Dragonlance is more modest in this regard.

I never found Drizzt & his companions interesting. Too Mary Sueish. I did enjoy killing him in the Baldur's Gate games when I played with an evil party, though.