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Is there anyone else out there who loves father brown? I personally do and I am currently reading 'The Man who was Thursday' - awesome book.
Yes, I love Father Brown. In some respects, he out-thinks Sherlock Holmes, because he thinks in ways Holmes does not consider. There is one of the stories "The Insoluable Problem" which is in my 10th grade literature book. I always enjoy reading it with the class every year. Another favorite of mine is "The Blue Cross." Chesterton was a great writer.
Is Father Brown a detective in the style of Brother Cadfael?
Somewhat like Bro. Cadfael, though there are differences of style, timeframe, etc. But I'm not sure I ever knew who originally wrote Bro. Cadfael's stories. Or were they just scripted for the shows?
Cadfael's stories are written by Ellis Peters.
Cadfael's stories are written by Ellis Peters.
She also wrote The Brothers of Gwynedd Quartet which is the story of Llewelyn, first true Prince of Wales. She wrote it under the name Edith Pargeter. The quartet is comprised of: Sunrise in the West, The Dragon at Noonday, The Hounds of Sunset, and Afterglow and Nightfall.

But as this is a GK Chesterson thread, the medievalists will have to wait for their own thread.