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So, I read a book a few years ago, and I can remember just loving it. I really want to find it again, but none of the searches I have run have turned up a title or an author, and I really want to read it again (if only ot find out if it's as good as I remember...)
This is all I can remember of it--
There is a boy, the son of a rich/influential man, a public figure. The boy starts having severe back pain, and his back starts hunching, and he is taken to a specialist. The doctor tells him he is growing wings. They say something about hitting puberty setting it off... But anyway, some things I remember very clearly about it are, for one, the six fingered girl who befriends and helps him deal, and a couple of scenes-- one, he is flying, and he tries to do some areal stunts and nearly falls; another where he is flying and passes over an obscure road and nearly causes a car to run off the road; another scene, before the wings emerge, where he wears a large coat to school (to hide the lump), even though it is very warm out, and some bullies corner him out back of the school. I remember despising his father, because he was more worried about what this 'deformity' would do to his image than what his son was going through...
and that's about as much as I can give you, other than I think the boy's name was Ian...if anyone can help me, it would be awesome!
You're sure it was a book, and not a X-men comic?
That book is called "wings" (suprisingly) by the author Bill Brittain, im sure they would have it on E-bay or something, i my self dont sahre your fond memories of this book, it bored me nearly to tears Big Smile Smilie xx
You're sure it was a book, and not a X-men comic?

I also was thinking about X-Men but I'm sure Turion knows what he is talking about though he it nearly bored him to tearsRead SmilieAnyway I hope you find your book LaurelomeSmile Smilie
Thank you! I had tried to search for the title Wings several times, but it turns out to be a very popular title (surprise surprise) and I could not for the life of me remember the author's name...Thanks a ton!

You guys up for another title? Once again, this is a book I read several years ago, and I can't remember the author or the title. The premise of the book is that all young children have the ability to change thier shape. To anything they wish to be. As they grow, and stop beleiving such things can happen, they lose both the ability to change, and the memory that it was ever possible. There are the few, however, who remember, and they face a hard decision for thier memories. They have to choose which form they will keep. On midnight of thier sixteenth (or maybe eighteenth) birthday, they are forever captive in the form that they choose. I remember one of the characters chose to be a phoenix...but that's about as much as I remember. If anyone knows what book I am talking about, please tell me what the title is! Thanx!