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In an effort to increase activity on the boards in general, I propose we start making more oportunities for participation... That's my excuse for this thread!
So, I recently read the book Elantris, by Brandon Sanderson, and I am now in the process of recomending it to as many friends as I can. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and I want to hear what other people thought of it?
On another really cool side note, the author of the book is a professor at my university! If there are any questions that can't be answered any other way, I know where his office is (cue ominous voice)...I'm not saying pester him, I'm just saying we have an opportunity here that you don't get much. We could get some pretty awesome discussions going here!
So, who else has read Elantris?
Never heard of it.

I hope it isn't in the style of Eragon.
I haven't heard of it either, but I searched it and found it on Amazon. It looks good, got great reviews, including this one by Orson Scott Card: "The finest novel of fantasy to be written in many years."
The author is Brandon Sanderson.
Tell us more about it, I think I will get it and give it a shot. Thanks for bringing it up!
Hm...well, I'm really bad at telling about books without giving off important points, so I'll have to be careful here... Got The Blues Smilie
The story is written in a triad structure, going in a pattern between the three POV characters- Sarene, a strong-minded princess from what could be called the 'sister' country to the one the story actually takes place in (Arelon); Raoden, the almost-too-perfect prince of Arelon (if you read the authors notes on this, however, he acknowledges this and I think explains away any dissatisfaction quite nicely) Sarene is betrothed to Raoden for political alliances; and Hrathen, an interesting antagonist, a sort of 'high priest' of the rather warlike religion Shu-Dereth, who's goal, we find, is to conquer without bloodshed...
Most of the conflict centers around the ruined 'city of the gods', Elantris.
As Hrathen tries to convert the entire country of Arelon to Shu-Dereth, Sarene makes it her task to single-handedly save the entire country, which is now her own homeland through marraige to a man she never has the chance to meet...Roaden finds himself suddenly one of the outcast 'dead', living in the fallen city of Elantris, as he is taken by the Shaod- a transformation that would at one time made him into an almost god-like figure, but since the inexplicable and cataclismic fall of Elantris ten years ago leaves any taken by the Shaod a corpse-like shadow of what they might have been.
And so the story begins.
Sounds like the story of a Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game.
Uhm, honestly, what fantasy storyline could not be put into a D&D game?

But really, this is a very good book, and I would recommend it to anyone who's looking for something good to read!
Yep..she's right about the D&D part.. I could probably put any fantasy story into a D&D campaign, with enough time to get all the facts and stuff a DM, i already tried that with a couple of stories..