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Was Tolkien's writing really influenced by William Morris' "The Well at the End of the World"?
I think you mean The Well at the World's End. I haven't seen that title in 35 years! But I think your question can best be answered by consulting one of the good biographies of Tolkien, like Humphrey Carpenter's. He talks about Tolkien's background and "influences."
I don't know the answer either, but Morris wrote that and The Wood Beyond the World at the end of the Ninteenth Century, so Tolkien could have encountered them during his formative years. I I read both of those books every now and then, though the stilted language is a little arcane and takes me a while for it to seem natural.


I just found this excert in Letter No 1of The Letters of JRR Tolkien which was to Edith Bratt sometime in October 1914:
.....Amonst other work I am tryingto turn one of the stories’which is really a very great story and most tragic’into a short story somewhat on the lines of Morris' romances with chunks of poetry in between,,,,,