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Are there books... like Dictionaries, or books with grammar on Sindarin... that are actually published... and detailed? because finding off the internet does not always prove relliable so if anybody could give me names of books (if any exist) I would be really greatfull
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I have no idea if any are published, but I would definetly like to get my hands on one of them if they are! It would be pretty awesome. Cool Smilie
Tolkien never actually created a whole elven language, so there will never be any true dictionaries.
For a far, faaar more detailed explanation, go here: The Tolkienian Linguistics FAQ and Frequently Needed Answers
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On the web you could try Thorsten Renk's Pedin Edhellin - a Sindarin Course, found under Resources and Secondary works (on the website Amarie gave). As long as one notes it is Neo-Sindarin and 'introductory'...

Thorsten offers the most up-to-date and accurate web-based account of Neo-Sindarin (that is, a synthetic and regularized form of Sindarin formed by the selective piecing-together of evidences from across decades of Tolkien's successive versions and elaborations of Noldorin and Sindarin) as a series of graded courses in a (gzipped) PDF file. Highly recommended as an introduction to more rigorous and detailed study of Tolkien's own Sindarin(s).' E. L. F.

There is also a 'new' Primary Source from Tolkien published in Parma Eldalamberon 17 which is very interesting and will also help illustrate that not everything Tolkien had published (never mind what he had never published) was 'safe' from the joy of creative revision (or 'niggling').
i know a lot of books like dictionaries, grammar or syntax books, but only for quenya. but i know an online sindarin dictionary which i think is very helpful. it's called dragonflame
I use DragonFlame, but for some reason I cannot download the program again for my new laptop, as there is an apparant update in progress that has been said is 'coming soon' for a number weeks now. There is the program for Mac and others, but for Windows/PC there isn't. I would recommend the program, but I am not advertising Elf Winking Smilie
yes, i know about the update.....anyway, i'd prefer a book than you want me to write the titles of the books? i know books both for sindarin and quenya
You can if you wish for everyone's knowledge, not just my own, I can get by with the odd word or two, but you're never too young or old to learn though Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie