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Has anyone read these books they are ver very good, i think they rival tolkiens world although it's very similar. It's a more mature middle earth ide say just wanted to know if anyones read it.
I have read three of four of the Drittz trilogies, some of them twice. They are good D&D adventures. And I also play many computer games set in that part of his world: Icewind Dale and the cities to the south, in addition to the home of his Dark Elf fore bearers.
Is Menzobarranzan located on the Sword Coast?
Somewhere deep below it; however, I don't know how far laterally, but I've entered the realms of the Dark Elves via Neverwinter, as have you. I couldn't remember how to spell the name of the underground city where Dritzz's evil family lived and from which he fled because he could no longer stomach their cruelty and their spider god.
that's awsome, i love the books im currently borrowing the books as i go threw them from a freind, im just finishing the second one of the legend of dritzz, were hes just killed his zombie/spirit wraith father, and the house of do'Urden has just been destroyed, very amazing trilogy i cant wait till drittzz goes to the surface!
Sounds a lot like Elric of Melnibon’.