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I've only just found out that David Eddings passed away last month and am surprised to find I'm quite upset to hear the news.
His first two series where fantastic and I literally disappeared into those worlds as an early teen to escape an abusive Father and unhappy school life.

Thanks David for some brilliant yarns and unforgettable characters, Silk especially made me laugh out loud.
I hope you and Leigh are together again....... and coming up with the next best seller....
Cheers mate, you'll be missed.
I'm sorry to hear this... I've read many of Eddings' works and enjoyed them all (though some more than others). RIP.
I don't know if I have read any of his works; guess I'll have to check him out and read him posthumously. RIP Mr. Eddings. Angel Smilie
The Belgariad & Ehlenium books are recommended for every fantasy fan. Its sequels... debatable.

David Eddings died? The world will indeed by a darker place.

Oh, I am so sorry about this. My prayers go out to family and those who like Rho will be feeling bereft. And Rho, a hug to you dearest. I know where you are coming from. You are so dear to many here.

Very sad, indeed and since his wife, Leigh, had passed away a few years ago, there will not no more adventures in Landover. Sad Smilie

I have unhappily never heard of Mr. Eddings. But if his works meant so much to all of you I will definitely give them a try.

For those who feel deeply saddened at his demise especially dear Rho,remember, his words and his world lives on. People who have healed lives and shown hope never die from our hearts. Ensure within yourself that,that happiness remains alive.

My sympathies to his family and fans.

Landover is Terry Brooks Nell Smile Smilie as far as I know he's still alive and kicking.

David Eddings (and his lovely wife Leigh) wrote the Garion, Belgarath, Polgara, Sparhawk books...

David died over a year ago now

I've been meaning to re-read all his stuff again as a tribute but unfortunately life has been fairly frantic of late.

I highly recommend him Odete,(at least the first 4 series, the newer stuff is cringe worthy) he's never going to be recognized as a great literary author but his stuff is just good old fashioned story with a few laughs thrown in for good measure.

I remember sitting on my bed and reading and reading and reading these books one summer holiday when I was at school. They're not overly complicated, but they are a great read, the world he creates is amazing. 

yes, Rho. That was one of those 'whoops' moments when you realize when you are driving somewhere and can't change the post until you get home. Too late!  I did know that Brooks wrote Landover series, just had a senior moment. :P

The Eddings will be greatly missed in the world of fantasy!

Alright Rho I will look up his works.Sounds fun.

He was indeed a good fantasy writer, my favorite book from him is definitely Belgarath the Wizard, also The Belgariad-series is absolutely fantastic. Rest in peace, David, the world of fantasy will miss you!

I tried to get into his books, but couldn't. For all that, I know he was loved by his fans and this is sad news to learn.  Will his wife continue to write?

I believe Leigh Eddings passed away a few years before David Eddings - serious end or an era there. 

I should honor Mr Eddings with reading Belgarath for the second time, and this time in english.

So, to the bookstore? Wink Smilie