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Has anyone ever read any Brian Patten poetry - I cam across one recently and wondered if the rest of his work is as good?
Ah, one of the Liverpool Poets. I like some of his work, others I am not so keen on. I see his work as the sort that needs to be heard rather than read and if I remember correctly the Liverpool Poets were 'performers'. I do like Minister for Exams which, I think, is one of his latest. And A Blade of Grass, Armada, The Last Gift....

About this page, I am currently writing an epic Lay in old Icelandic structure which is allegorical of the troubles in Northern Ireland. With no title yet, it is nearly finished and soon to be published (hopefully) and is currently being appoved by a Professor as my critic. The point I am making is buy it when it comes out! I will obviously post the title once things progress. Oh and also, I am writing a novel based on the Anglo Saxon era which brings in themes of Courtly Love, Chivalry and honour, Tragedy, significance of heathendom of the Saxons and the downfall of such qualities in modern day. The author is Ciaran Arthur, so look out for them.
Skarp, your writings sound very interesting and I hope to hear of them when they're available!
If you go to you can see his complete works. My favorite is Tintigale grave.
I liked that one too, Leelee! I'm glad you pointed out that website, I'd never heard of it before and the Brian patten writings were excellent. Skarp, is your lay going to be available online as well?
You are most welcome dear Sian.
Yes that would be wonderful if it were going to be online. Do tell us.
I've never read it. If I did want to read it where would I find it?

P.S When you say Liverpool's poet does that mean hes from Liverpool UK or somewhere else?
Thanks LeeleeSmile Smilie What a beautiful poem indeed , thanks for the info is full of interesting data and thought. And I am sorry no one of us answered you. I hope you are well and reading vats of wonderful stuff!

Sian, Sian, if you only knew how missed you are . Yours was that gentle intelligent voice that always enveloped the shy others and sweetly encouraged participation. Miss you very very much.