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Right, first of (hopefully) many threads to come. So many thanks to Arwen for mentioning about this idea and to Taz for executing it. Smile Smilie

So, what is your favorite character in 'The Children of Húrin'. Also, if you want to, do tell a few words about your choice of character and why you chose him/her.

That's the question.

My favorite character in 'The Children of Húrin', is Beleg Strongbow. I admire him so much and mainly for the fact that he didn't abandon Túrin, when he finally found him. Túrin had strayed from his noble path, befriended murderers and also strongly refused to return to Doriath and still.. Beleg couldn't just leave him. He chose to stay and even though Túrin's newly found friends tortured him, he still chose to stay. For his friendship to Túrin was so strong, so unbreakable.

King Thingol had ordered Beleg to find Túrin and bring him home and if he couldn't do so, he should've left him, but he didn't. And that is true friendship. Shame that this joy too was taken away from me, when a dark fate befall Beleg and he was accidentally slain by Túrin.

Truly a sad book.. But that's my choice.

How about you? Elf Smilie

I do not usually pick favorites, but Beleg is one of the characters that would be on my list. It is all too sad when T’rin slays him by mistake. I believe Beleg would have forgiven him though, he never failed to find kindness in his heart, even when bound to a tree by the Outlaws.

Turin living that pleasure/pain life.

Well hands down for Mim! He is very wretched but also wronged. He is a little testy and grumpy at sometimes, like all dwarves. Well he is a mini dwarf, that is even worse. I found Gwindor very interesting, because he was once a mighty lord of Nargothrond, but now withered with thralldom his body is know partly crippled. He loves deeply Finduilas but Turin steals that love but does not accept it. Mim is still topper for favorite dwarves and coh characters.

My favorite character in tCoH happens to be my favorite character in the sil as well. Húrin. Mightiest of mortal warriors, who defied Morgoth and redressed the betrayal of man against elf with his endlessly awesome last stand featuring my favorite line in the sil, "Aurë Entuluva".

I remember the story less than I would like to, but - like Amras - I always liked Mim. I find him very intriguing - he seems to be dull and grumpy, but I think there's a lot of underlying emotions in this character. Especially because of the story of his family and his kind - which I find very moving. Mim isn't a typical Tolkien character - neither hero nor antihero, he seems to be thrown into the story by his bad luck. It looks like his only motive is to survive, but I guess the character is really unique and complex. He's a bit like Gollum in LOTR - we know that the story isn't going the way he would like it to, but somehow he gets included in something big and his presence is very important. I'd like to know more about Petty Dwarves.

By the way - I was trying to reply in this thread 4 times (via Internet Explorer) and every time I was switching tabs in the browser the text dissappeared (or at least some random parts of it). Is that a common problem at the moment?

Internet Explorer has trouble with PT or maybe switched too. About Mim, it is true, he is just pushed into the conflict of the story. He lost one of his bairns, and he is sick with rage, but his kindness and so called friendship with Turin makes him very bipolar. He hates Elves, well a dwarves do. When Beleg crashes the party he is [offended] and becomes testy Mim again. When that one archer(I forget his name ) pickes up his bow again, Mim gets even more wrathful. Then Ibun dies and is other son and he are captured like cattle by orcs. Very like a Gollum character indeed.

Tolkien does write so few static characters that it makes the ones he does write very interesting. I personally don't like Mim all that much, since he didn't make very many wise decisions. However, he was a truly neutral character which is odd in a world with natural enemies like Morgoth, so Mim was a very one of a kind character, like Gollum. I preferred Sador, for his many wise sayings and his wisdom.