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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Official Main Trailer

What do you think?

Oh look! It's the Helm's Deep clone wars! 


LOL, Amarië....

I'm looking forward to the scenes in Dol Guldur more than anything else. The Nazgûl looked very cool.

I'm really pumped up! I'm thoroughly excited! Can't even contain it!

I watched the trailer some time ago, and of course it was good and well done. I was thinking about going to the premiere this time, but only if I manage to get good seats. Smile Smilie

I really want to go to the cinema to see it, but I can't ignore all the people eating popcorn loudly, kicking my chair or talking between themselves wink I'll wait for it to come to iTunes.

Ya know Taz, I absoulutely hate all that crap too. And especially people laughing or whispering... It drives me insane. Crunching...and when they kick the chair. I have had some anger issues when people kick the chair. And sadly, (I don't regret it) I screamed just a little above a whisper. Leave the dumb Aussie to do all that stuffblush

I have a love/hate relationship with Peter Jackson. LOL I can see the strange looks you are all giving me from here, so I will explain.  Jackson knows how to put on an EVENT.  Everything about the cast, costuming, special effects, props, etc. is executed with exquisite detail.  Everything is in a word so beautiful that it makes me fall in love with the movie even before any character opens his mouth.  For example, at the beginning of the first part of Jackson's Fellowship movie, after much delay, the camera pans to Bagshot Row and brings into view Bilbo's hobbit hole under The Hill.  I had to swallow hard and fight tears when I first saw it, because it was just as Tolkien wrote it, just as I had seen it in my mind's eye for decades.  

HOWEVER, as with his LOTR, so now with his Hobbit, Jackson cannot seem to keep his hands off the plotline.  Yes, I understand all too well, having been an English teacher for 22 years, that certain changes are necessary in moving an epic story from written literature to the screen.  This kind of thing was inevitable and I expected and understood many changes made in this vein.  But I do not understand the need to improve on Tolkien's mind when there is no problem understanding things visually as Tolkien wrote them.  My prime example is Jackson's fetish for breaking Gandalf's staff.  He did it in the RotK and has compounded it again in TDoS.  In Tolkien's story, Gandalf had gone to the Necromancer's lair because he suspected something was wrong, and he found Thorin's father there.  That is when he got the key and the map, and that is when he "even I, Gandalf, only just escaped."  That doesn't seem to mean that Gandalf fought Sauron, or even that he or the other members of the White Council had conclusive proof yet of who the Necromancer was.  It merely means he had a nip and tuck situation to get out of there.  

So now we see the trailers and the clips from the last installment of the Hobbit.  Gandalf apparently could not fight off Sauron's minions, though Saruman and Elrond can?  Galadriel can carry the unconscious Gandalf?  None of this makes sense unless you are obsessed with collapsing the timeline to make way for LOTR.  And yet, it is really NOT necessary to make the segue between the Hobbit and LOTR at all.  What Gandalf actually did in the books (and Appendicies of LOTR) and what the White Council, primarily Galadriel did, are certainly great enough events and would do well on screen just as they did in the books.  I could go on, but you understand.


I'm with you Gandalf O. Fortunately my brain has always been nice enough to be able to look over inaccuracies as long as the world itself was good enough to make up for it and make me feel like I'm in that world. Harry Potter and LOTR are good examples of this. LOTR also wasn't as off the rails as Hobbit, and also in a different way. I noticed in LOTR, most of the main events are in place and there are just little changes within them (elves in Helms Deep, Sam and Frodo's little dispute, Gandalf's staff exploding etc etc). In The Hobbit, PJ said screw main events I'm making my own story line....but will use Middle Earth as the backdrop.

I admit though, it's taken a bit more self will to embrace the Hobbit films. The first one I loved and said meh to changes, but the second did he just stop caring! At this point the only real similarities are the names and places. Tauriel didn't even really bother me, as she could be easily slipped in without altering too much storyline, and I love Evangeline Lily, and saw potential there. But Morgul arrows? Cruel townspeople? Gandalf fighting the Necromancer? Half the troupe staying behind in Laketown? The remainder actually then fighting Smaug alone? I mean, come on....I just don't get why he did it, and that's what bothers me the most. It really was not he did it just because he could. But, alas, the cinematography is beyond epic and I'm a total fantasy nerd, so he'll get my money either way

Fortunately the love aspect is greater and anything to enrich Tolkien and bring it into the lives of others is always a great thing IMO. Just look at how many people got way into Tolkien and his WRITINGS after having no exposure until the first trilogy...