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***SPOILER*** I just wanted to mention something about this. Towards the end when Thranduil tells Legolas to go find a ranger. Obviously, it is to connect this trilogy to the LOTR trilogy. But it is somehow in a way connecting it to the Sil. This actually shows the respect that Thranduil has for Aragorn. Going deeper, it is showing how the Sindar seems him as a descendent of their king. It is this connection that I've always thought was the reason why Aragorn can roam around Thranduil's realm so freely.

Yes I agree. The Dunadain, by this time in Middle Earth, were still respected by many of the High Elves left in Middle Earth. Of course Elrond was the greatest supporter of The Men of The West as he was Half Elven and protected their blood line as he was indeed the Brother of their first King.  The blood line of Elros, although watered down some what was still present in Aragorn and his forefathers. I think after Ellesar reunified his ancient families Kingdom and unified most of the unified peoples of Middle Earth, it seems that Eru extended his life back to that of his forefathers.

Although not cannon, I liked the scene which will eventually set up the meeting at Rivendel.