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I was just wondering if we could put stories on here? Because I'm in the middle of writing a story on Legolas but I just wanted to know if I'd could post it here?
melwe{love} from wifeoflegolas
Of course you can! Though I think there is already a thread on short stories. Or you can post it as a journal entry!
The best place to post your short story would be in the Writers Guild. Just start a new thread there and make the title of the new thread, the title of your story. Also by doing it there, you may get some constructive criticism (feedback), which would be much harder for anyone to provide, were your story a journal entry. Happy Elf Smilie

You can put some background about your story or how you came about writing it, at the beginning of that first post, and then follow it up with the title and your story.

I tried to do that , but there was some sort of glitch and it did not work. sigh.

I heartily recommend any one interested to follow Grondy's suggestion, especially anyone who wants criticism of the kind and gentle type. For budding writers there is no better way to increase the skills of their craft and get to be friends with those reading their work. I tried forever to do this but there is a glitch somewhere in my computer, so I continue to write in my journal. Even that stopped working for about three months until dear Taz spent days working out the problem and now thankfully I have that funcition back.