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Hi there! I wonder if anyone could help me. I've found a website which translates into Elvish text and wanted to know if anyone has come across it or how accurate it is... I am getting a tattoo, and from the research I've done, this website's translations differ from other texts I've found...


What do you want to write? I generally don't trust the web for such things, but I have not really looked at the site you note.

He said 'on the web'

Sometimes I try to help with a given transcription, but usually only if it's short and I can find some attested stuff to back up my suggestions. Tattoos don't come off easily (or so I understand it), so to my mind anyway, simple and Tolkien-attested is best.

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I would second Galin's opinion on the matter. Also you must keep in mind most sits do not translate, but simply (and sometimes not very successfully) transcribe some words and text into Tengwar, leaving the expression of Elvish look, but failing into elvish sound. The site you've posted does neither transcribe nor translate. It generated nonsense when I attempted to "render" (as the button sais) the word star. It returned something that in Sindarin Style would sound like "GMQB" if you can pronounse such thing at all. It can not exist in Quenya at all.

So if you need something translated or transcribed or both I suggest post it here. Galin (upper post fellow)  knows his ways into it (as far as I have red a lot of opinions of his). If he is busy or does not wish to go into "sintetic words" I will do my best to be of service. I have a nice Tengwar writer so it will be possible to send you the transcription by mail for example.

Anyway, I do not suggest using authomatic script. In many forums there are special threads about tatoos. You can start one here (or maybe look for one  a bit deeper among the threads).

That is not a translation, it is simply a preview of the font. The font "Tengwar Annatar" doesn't work like your regular fonts, it is more like "wingdings". You really need to know what you are doing to use this font. 

At the very least you need to know your way around the Tengwar diagram from the LOTR appendix. Then you will find that turning your keyboard sideways will be helpful. I haven't use this font in years so I no longer know exactly where to find the vowels. 

Perhaps our help entry "How do I write my name or this text in Elvish/Elven letters?" may be helpful.

Recently (but not here) I've helped people transcribe the Elvish words taure and laurie... and menel and aear in the Mode of Beleriand (Tolkien himself transcribed some of these actually).

So if by luck you happened to pick any of these it would really make things a bit easier 

Hi there. I would like this text translated into elvish

"expose yourself to your deepest fear, after that, fear has no power,
and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free."

Can anyone help me with that?

Hello and welcome!

Seeing that we are in the writing forum here (and despite the thread title), do you want a transcription rather than a translation? Enough people on the web write translation when they mean transcription (not that you did necessarily), so it's sometimes hard to tell what people are really asking for.

Of course you might find it annoying that I responded but don't plan to try either! Sorry; and who knows if anyone will take on your request, but right now it is a bit unclear in any case.

Do you want your English example to stay English but be written with Elvish letters (again I realize you wrote translation but this is the writing forum)?

Or if you want a translation, what Elvish language would you like, if it matters? Quenya and Sindarin are not complete in vocabulary or grammar, but are the most attested at various stages in Tolkien's life.

And once rendered in an Elvish language (if so), do you also want that written with Elvish letters? Which brings up a question: anyone 'out there' have a tattoo of an Elvish word written with the Roman alphabet?


Anyway, there's nothing wrong with writing English using the Elvish letters of course (Tolkien himself did this), and a simple transcription might be less difficult.

Hi there! 


I was wondering if someone could help me with a translation for a tattoo? Last year I posted something on the askyahoo forum and received a translation for "Give me Strength". I would like to know if it is accurate and if not could be corrected?

Hi! I'm guessing the long a in your example is meant to be the imperative particle -- and connected to nin it's maybe based on Tolkien's alye anta *give thou? Although there are other imperative forms that show no separate particle.

Who did this for you earlier, if you don't mind me asking?

Hi! Unfortunately I lost the person's information, my old email has been deactivated. Which version of the script do you think is the most accurate? I need to be absolutely sure before I go get it done Smile Smilie

In my opinion the two versions that employ ture are equally accurate with respect to the script, as long u can be represented either way, and the rest is the same.

Although obviously there are two different fonts to choose from as well, but you can choose any font you like of course.

Let me just add: I applaud the desire for accuracy, but none of Tolkien's languages can be known in the same sense as knowing French or German, for just two examples of course, and there is still linguistic information awaiting publication.

Absolute surety would mean copying something Tolkien wrote, in my opinion. And knowing that he didn't change his mind later, which he often did (although even if he did, in this case you would still have something JRRT once imagined as true, at least). To my way of thinking this is Neo-quenya, not Quenya, no matter how accurate one might argue it to be.

I'm not trying to put you off getting a tattoo, but some (not necessarily you) think that one can be fluent in some of the Elvish languages, which is not so.


If you want to be arguably more accurate you could write 'give me strength' in English using the Elvish letters, although granted it won't be as 'Elvish', in a sense, as Neo-quenya then.

Up to you of course -- just my annoying advice. It will still look Elvish Smile Smilie