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I am trying to find the word friend on this picture. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Hi Gehasst. I'm not familiar with Feanorian letters. It could possibly be the second word on the lower line, but this is just a simplistic guess. We know of course that the word friend is pronounced Mellon in this form of Elvish. It was the riddle which tricked Gandalf and the Fellowship. I'm sure that one of the learned members here could help you.

Hello. The word mellon is in the higher arch of writing... to the right... third word from the end (second word from the end is a single character that looks like a Roman C, as the higher arch ends with the words: mellon a minno).

Mellon has a double 'lambe' for ll, and the character called lambe looks like number 27 (Quenya names) in the following link. Surely linking to Amanye Tenceli must be safe?


Galin, the link is alright. And that website is amazing! Smile Smilie