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Hello Everyone, i'm new here Smile Smilie seems to be a nice place. I'm From Argentina, and i apologize in advance if my English is not correct Smile Smilie I need some guidance, i'll marry in November/December and i would like to put my Wife's name and Wedding date in Sindarin on my Ring. Is there any accurate online translator? or are there any good soul willing to help? Thanks in advance!

Hello! I generally trust Ales Bican's website, which includes his Quenya lapseparma (Quenya baby book), although the names in the baby book are (not surprisingly) translated in...

... Quenya! I don't know if your intended wife's name is on the list in any case, or if a name with a similar meaning to her name is there...

... as I don't know her name

And I realize you asked for Sindarin but for a wedding ring, Quenya, also called High-elven (the Elf-latin), seems to work well enough in my opinion.

"The High-elven was an ancient tongue of Eldamar beyond the Sea, the first to be recorded in writing. It was no longer a birth-tongue, but had become, as it were, an 'Elven- Latin', still used for ceremony, and for high matters of lore and song, by the High Elves..."

The Return of the King, Appendix F

At the moment I'm not really aware of a handy website with "Real World" names translated into Sindarin, which has something to do with me suggesting Quenya as well.

Anyway, congratulations! And obviously the choice of language is up to you. Good luck!   JRRT