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Hey, I have tried to look this up elsewhere but have not found what I am looking for. Does someone know the name Tolkien used to describe each Dwarven community as a whole? I mean the actual physical place/community they lived in (underground)? Thanks! ~Nuru

Well, i don't exactly know...even with a vast knowledge of Lore....hmmm... wait- Dwarven Hall maybe?! Yeah, I think a hall!

So the community's "physical structure" is a hall? This includes every thing from the homes, mines, shops. etc.?

Yep, everything. Looking into it better, which I did yesterday evening...yes...your are correctus!

Thanks... For some reason I was expecting something more sophisticated. Hmmm... But thanks for the help. 

I'm not completely sure what you're looking for? Are you looking for the dwarvish word for city? Or just a general term they used for "city?"

If so I found this link     I can't confirm all the sources, but it makes sense, and I think sums up what you're looking for nicely.

"What" it was was also basically in the name, so you'd just say the name and you'd clarify which of the above it was. Belegost translates to Mighty Fortress. You have the Glittering Caves. Khazad Dum, also known as the Mines of Moria, meant Delving of the Dwarves, implying a mine etc etc.

The dwarves were a very simple people....Simple, but so, so very complex.angel

I think perhaps I was not clear or perhaps there is no answer. I suppose the equivalent human word would be "Kingdom" or "Sphere of Influence". In some literature it is given a special same. It is the area that encompasses the entirety of a underground Dwarven kingdom. City, mines, houses, all the way to the borders of their territory. Its most likely that there is no special word for it in Tolkien's world. 

Thank you for taking the time to help!

In that case I'd say there is no "special" dwarf term other than city, hall, fortress etc. Like I said generally they'd refer to that location just by saying the name, which has the "type" of place it is in the name. Just like you'd never say "the city of New York City," you'd just say New York City.


Excerpt from the link I posted:

"Other places where Dwarven communities were located (but not called "cities" ) included: Sharbhund (Amon Rhudh), Nulukkhizdîn/Nar(u)kathan (Nargothrond), Erebor, and the Iron Hills. Unnamed communities or mines are mentioned in the northern Ered Luin (where Arvedui took refuge), the Grey Mountains, and the far eastern lands of Middle-earth (perhaps the Orocarni).......Tolkien seems to have implied that the Dwarves had many communities or halls scattered through the mountains and hills they claimed in their various territories. The Longbeard Dwarves may have had the largest territory."