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Beleg Cuthalion posted on Sunday 14th September 2008 (11:25am)
hi! whoever knows and wants to practice quenya can post a comment (in quenya of course) and start a conversation. thanks

Galin posted on Wednesday 24th September 2008 (03:00pm)
Hmmm, shouldn't this be under 'speaking' rather than writing?

I think the 'writing section' is probably meant to mainly concern the writing systems of Aman and Middle-earth, and the 'speaking section' is probably the place for Neo-elvish constructions using the Roman Alphabet (like in the films), or where discussions about Tolkien's Elvish languages can take place.

That's my guess anyway.

Unless one can actually hear posts in the 'speaking' section maybe Wink Smilie
I doubt very much that any constant conversations can be started here and keep going with the limit of words in both the Quenya and Sindarin Languages... The languages are utterly incomplete, let alone the rules of grammar that I doubt anyone in the world will be able to understand completely except for the Professor...

I suppose this thread would be used for the odd reminder of what certain words mean... Just to test us all everynow and again Orc Smiling Smilie

We did have something like this though in one of the taverns I think quite sometime ago, where anyone could say a simple Elvish word and some would try to remember what it meant... So I think we should start it a fresh in our new Elvish Languages section Happy Elf Smilie

Care to start Galin? Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
OK. How about Noldor (fairly easy one to start with).

I will add that JRRT was thinking of altering the meaning! but I'm not looking for the variant found in recently published text.
If you want I have some elvish words and their meanings and I can post them here for you. I also have an alphabete in quenya but I wouldn't have a clue how to put it on planet tolkien.
well,i have the alphabet too. i can speak quenya within a limit. "elen silla lumen omentielvo" <- "may a star shine upon the time of our meeting". it's the greeting elves use.
you can upload a picture or sth of the alphabet and share the link with us...them.
Don't worry about the alphabet. We have something very nice planned... Happy Elf Smilie
you mean like an evil plan???? now i'm afraid. anyway, it would be nice for us to use some quenya words... to decorate our threads...
I assume that will go in Elvish writing Smile Smilie OK I couldn't resist!

I think Amarie had sth planned...... what's the plan?
It's something old and something new, something borrowed and something bl... umm... black. And we haven't had it before on PT. Smile Smilie And it's not ready yet. So we have to wait patiently.
And no, no-one is getting married as Ama has hinted Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie And no, they are also not wedding bells, they are the bells of chaaaange. Ooooh the mystery...
yeah loss it seems Amari’ say "Patient". will it take long time Amari’ ?
some how i also would like learn elvish...and Quenya...
But Quenya IS elvish....Noldor used it. it's also quite easy to learn.
i have a feeling that we have to be so "Patient", that we'll learn about Amarie's "something" in 30, maybe 40 years...
Boring Smilie
you mean Quenya and Elvish is same?
hm..... when elves first came to middle earth they were seperated to Noldor,, the high elves, Sindar, the grey elves and some other "races" . Noldor speak Quenya and Sindar speak Sindarin. That's all.
When the Elves began to migrate and separate from each other, a family tree of Elvish tongues grew as well, branching out into various dialects and languages, including Avarin branches.

However Tolkien wrote the most about Quenya and Sindarin, languages on the Eldarin part of the 'tree'. Quenya became '... an 'Elven-latin', still used for ceremony, and for high matters of lore and song, by the High Elves, who had returned in exile to Middle-earth at the end of the First Age.'

When the exiled Noldor returned to Middle-earth they did speak a version of Quenya, as already noted by Beleg above, and relatively soon they adopted Sindarin for daily use. Thingol would issue his edict against Quenya as well.

It's much more complicated, but generally speaking.
sooooooooooooooo................does anybody know quenya? even a little?
not a letter...... Sad Smilie there are lot's of members in PT who knows Quenya. I also like to learn Quenya. if anyone knows they could help the ones who like to learn.Big Smile Smilie
I recommend the combination:
Course "Qutin Lambe Eldaiva" (by Thorsten Renk)
Dictionary "Quentaparma Quenyama" (by Helge Kaare Fauskaanger)
For sources to read also you can visit the site Ardalambion.

I do not post links for I do not know if it is allowed here. Send me Private Massage with an e-mail for contact and I will send you free distributed English versions to start and addresses for sites related to studying Quenya. However there are versions of the course of Renk also in German (Renk himself is German), Spanish and Polish (as far as I know). If you need more help and support feel free to contact me. If I do not know the answers I have some people to ask and they will possibly know. So welcome in Quenya Admirers Club!
We have linked to the Ardalambion site many times and we also had a Quenya course in the chat room (we don't have a chat room anymore) based on Helge's course from this site. (Sadly I have forgotten all I learned.)

Click here for: Fauskanger's Ardalmabion site
The Quenya course has been translated into many languages.

Click here for: Thorsten Renk's site
Renk has both a Sindarin and a Quenya course.

Please, when posting in Quenya/Sindarin, include the English translation.
oh thanks friends......
if you don't want to learn quenya or you don't have time to, you can also learn to use tolkien's rune alphabet (cirth). it's very easy
Elf Smilie L’ hl’ran qu’ni qu’tala Quenya... Aiqua lambi ilquen qu’ta, umis Eldarin. Elf Confused Smilie Inty’an ce qu’ni l’ hany’a lia sina. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Ma m’rit queta er, Loss? Elf Winking Smilie ’nin apsene tulienya telwa i lianna.

AHYA: Hya c’ iny’ ’me hanya i lia! Shocked Elf Smilie Ma lia sina um’ lia quetien Quenya?
C’ quetuvan immonna.
Dark my friend, you forgot to translate your post to us who aren't so good yet Smile Smilie
and welcome to PT :P
Intyanen i lia n’ er quetien Quenyanen, si’ nen ny’rala ilquen pusta queta i lamb’ raica. Elf Winking Smilie
I thought that the thread was only meant for speaking in Quenya, so I was telling everyone to stop speaking the wrong language.

Mal t’ cennen i c’ nen raica ar ta ’m’ i casta lio.
But then I realized that maybe I was wrong and that wasn't what the thread was for.

Ar s’ nan r’cina an l’ hany’an i anwa casta lio. Elf Confused Smilie
And now I'm confused cause I don't get what the thread is really about.
im not sure either i, and i know the alphabet but i don't know how to put the symboles on here as to right in it.