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pip began this thread with the following post,

I apologize if this is the wrong forum, but it does apply to the history of men, so... Do any of you fine people know where I could find some images of Aragorn's insignia, or whatever it's called, the 'seven stars and seven stones and one white tree' thing... Sorry if that sounds like nonsense, it's 2am and I'm not quite lucid... Thanks for your help!

Aule replied

I do not seem to understand what you mean you mean his banner??

Oh and by the way! Welcome to PT!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I am!Big Smile Smilie

Cheers Mate!

It's the image you see on his and pippin's armor, in the photos that've come from Noew Line... it may be his banner as well, but I've only seen it on apparel. I'm just looking for a plain ole picture of it, I seem to remember there being one in RotK, but my copy is lended out at the moment... Wiggle Smilie
*scrambles madly for dvds* where?!
Hello and Welcome to PT Pip! Waving Hello Smilie

[url=]Is this what you're looking for?
*kisses peredhil* oh, darling! I completely forgot to search elfwood! *smacks head* That's lovely, but I am hoping to find something a little more, uh, traditional. I love art noveau, but, see, *sheepish grin* I'm trying to build up a stockpile of images to refer to for a tattoo...
The simplest description I can think of is the plain ole standard of gondor, the white tree surrounded by seven stars. I can find a whole bunch of movie stills/pics that have the exact image I need, but most are from oblique angles or obscured by folds in fabric. I would just like to know if there's anywhere that I can find just a simple, straighforward line drawing of this exact pattern... And I would like to say thank you and give *hugs* to everyone who's been so kind as to help me, retarded descriptions and all...
it is small, but try this one.

here is another one. you have to scroll down about half way, maybe farther.

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Wheee! You're my hero, Melli! That second link was perfect, thank you so much!
The picture of Aragorn ahorse is the one I figured you wanted Pip, but couldn't find a straight on shot of his breastplate for you. The tree on the banner next to it may work for you though.
Well, thank you all for helping me! You're all my heros!
Thanks Pip. Big Smile Smilie I hope you'll stick around here.
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