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Kenneth began this thread with the following post


im a fair new tolkien fan

I have the Unfinished tales, Lotr, silmarillion and the hobbit(+something about tom bombadil etc)

I just discovered the existence of the 'history of middle earth' books.i also saw that they have the same subjects as in the silmarillion

whats that about ????older works than the silmarillion ?
Is it any good ??? is it for casual tolkien fans/or die hards.

PlasticSquirrel replied

Welcome Kenneth, the History of Middle Earth series shows the development of Tolkien's writing from 1917(ish) right through til his death (I think, though I might be wrong) and contains drafts and different versions of all the stories in both the SIl and Lotr. If you liked Unfinished Tales, you'll like this (heh, ad tagline) and it's really for both casual and diehard fans, more the diehards, but the casual can ignore Chris Tolkien's notes, and just enjoy reading some great writing from a master.rHope I've helped a bit, if not there's a whole section on it in the forum some where, called "History of Middle Earth".

Hope I've helped a bit, if not there's a whole section on it in the forum some where, called "History of Middle Earth".
IS HISTIRY OF MIDDLE-EARTH BOOKS ANY GOOD? thread at the bottom of The History of topic has some more info.

The Books of the H.O.M.E. Series are:
I - The Book of Lost Tales I
II - The Book of Lost Tales II
III - The Lays of Beleriand
IV - The Shaping of Middle-Earth
V - The Lost Road and Other Writings
VI - The Return of the Shadow
VII - The Treason of Isengard
VIII - The War of the Ring
IX - Sauron Defeated
X - Morgoth's Ring
XI - The War of the Jewels
XII - The People's of Middle-Earth
Welcome Kenneth, [url=] I'm sure this will help you.
you're all so kind,thanks for the info Smile Smilie
The Book of Lost Tales 1 is very early writings and some people have difficulty because the style is so different than what they are used to. May I suggest that if you do not like BoLT 1 that, instead of struggling to finish it, you move on. The books do not need to be read in order.
Exactly....I bought Volume X first....and still haven’t bought the rest of them.....but it was a great and interesting read...Morgoth’s Ring.....I want the rest of them...but only in english....since I can’t trust the swedish translators anymore So Angry Smilie <------ at them
Morgoth's Ring is my fave so far. (I have not read them all). I especially like the part about Elvish customs.
Nah that was boring Lasgalen.....I jumped to Myths Transformed or what it was.....and the one with Finrod and the lass of B’ors house.....the others I haven’t read yet
the lass of B’ors house.....
That would be Andreth. That was a good part of the book, too.
Yeah that was her name.....Finrod Atrabeth Andreth....wasn’t that the name of the chapter??? was quite interesting to read about what they discussed....and the fact that Andreth was in love with Finrod’s brother Aegnor(or was it Angrod? I really can’t remember)